Which Euphoria Character Should You Be Friends With, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


HBO’s Euphoria introduced us to the harsh realities of contemporary high-school kids with breath-taking cinematography, an outstanding soundtrack, and a stellar cast. A huge part of Euphoria‘s genius lies in the fact that the characters are all very different from one another. Gen-Z kids seem to value individualism and originality above all else.

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It is hard to say which character is loved most among the show’s fans. Each of the versatile teenagers has its very own fan base and fans want to understand everything about them, from Maddy Perez’s best outfits to Nate Jacobs’ zodiac sign. While Euphoria characters are not necessarily the types who are looking for committed relationships, viewers certainly know who they’d like to be friends with if they got a chance. But who’s ideal for that role based on zodiac signs?


Updated on March 18th, 2022 by Alex GentileMany of Euphoria’s characters have gone through changes since season 1. While Cassie perhaps seemed like a shy and soft-spoken person in Season 1, fans have seen her become volatile and unhinged. Cal might have seemed duplicitous to fans in Season 1, but has developed into a more honest man who is comfortable with himself. As such, different signs might be drawn to the developing personalities.

Nate Jacobs’ Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Aries

euphoria season 2 nate jacobs hero

Nate is by no means an ideal friend; he is a bully with a whole lot of baggage. If there is one zodiac sign that could handle the heat, it’s Aries.

Aries natives get bored fast, so they need constant stimulation and drama to keep them interested. Much like Nate’s girlfriend Maddy, they are drawn to dangerous people.

Lexi Howard’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Taurus

Lexi Howard

Some fans say Lexi is one of the most likable characters in Euphoria. The highly relatable and grounded Lexi would make Tauruses very happy. Tauruses value stability, so Lexi’s level-headedness would seem quite agreeable.

Their stubbornness would work well with Lexi’s understanding attitude. Furthermore, Tauruses admire creativity, being the artistic signs they are. Lexi’s impressive and emotional play would no doubt appeal to the earthy bulls of the world.

Jules Vaughn’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Gemini

rue and jules on euphoria

Jules is perhaps the most interesting character of them all. As such, the arc which dealt with her past got the highest Euphoria episode rating on IMDb in season 1. Jules is definitely an Aquarius herself, which means she’d hit it off with Geminis. Jules would appreciate their sense of humor and exuberant energy.

Rue was too needy for Jules, which is something that is reflected in Rue’s best Euphoria quotes as well. “Do you wish I was different?” Rue asked her detached friend. Geminis wouldn’t concern themselves with such things, and Jules would appreciate them for it.

Rue Bennett’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Cancer

Euphoria has several controversial scenes. In some, it emphasizes the importance of someone’s home situation on their mental health and general well-being. Rue started abusing substances when her father was dying of cancer, stealing his meds in hopes to escape the awful reality. Rue is not a hopeless kid; she is analytical, thoughtful, and complex. Above all, she craves security, love, and a place or a person she could call her own.

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Cancers have motherly energy, and they love to take care of those they care for. With a Cancer by her side, Rue would certainly thrive in life.

Leslie Bennett’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Leo

Leslie is a proud, independent woman. She’s been through a lot in life. She lost her husband and has two teenage daughters to take care of.

Leos would find a great friend in a classy woman like Leslie. They would know how to charm Gia and Rue, and they would probably enjoy her love of wine too.

Chris McKay’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Virgo

McKay in Euphoria

McKay didn’t appreciate how Cassie wanted to make everything “so sexual” when they dated. Above all else, Chris wanted someone who would listen to him go on about his struggles at college. Virgos, too, are too hard on themselves, so they would relate to McKay’s complaining.

A common trait of Virgos is acts of service; they love being someone’s support system, which is precisely what McKay looks for in a friend.

Ethan’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Libra

ethan from euphoria

Some say Libras are overly concerned with popularity and superficiality. As such, fans might not think one would go for Ethan who seems unconcerned with making waves socially. However, Libras love a serious relationship, and Ethan is the man for the job.

Kat wasn’t able to handle Ethan’s attentiveness and contentment with being partnered. However, a Libra would appreciate his considerate and romantic nature. His speech to Kat in the final episode of season 1 might make them melt; some say it was one of the most emotional scenes in Euphoria.

Maddy Perez’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio

Maddy Perez cheerleads

Maddy radiates passion and indifference, which is something that Scorpios would find endlessly compelling and incredibly frustrating at the same time. Known for her iconic one-liners and a killer wardrobe, she’s the kind of a girl who would make a Scorpio intrigued.

A Scorpio native and Maddy probably wouldn’t have a lasting friendship, but they would perhaps never forget the intense time they shared. Nate’s obsession with Maddy is pretty Scorpionic, and she low-key loves to be possessed.

Kat Hernandez’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Sagittarius

Kat Hernandez sitting on the bleachers

Sagittariuses typically aren’t looking for long-term relationships like romantic partners. As caught-up fans of Euphoria know, Kat is too passionate to be tied down by one man, even if she can’t come up with a reason why she should dislike him. However, a Sagittarius would be drawn to Kat’s casual attitude.

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Archers are known to enjoy a good book, so Kat’s fan fiction might appeal to them. Furthermore, Kat is smart and dances to the beat of her own drum, and her independent thinking would certainly appeal to a Sagittarius.

Cal Jacobs’ Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Capricorn

cal jacobs at the fair in euphoria

Cal might present a hard character for many signs to want to date. He lies, treats his son harshly, and is innately indifferent to his wife. However, he presents several qualities Capricorns might be able to see the best of.

For much of his arc, Cal is concerned with social status. Capricorns admire people with ambition, so they would enjoy Cal’s position as a pillar of the community. Furthermore, Capricorns value honesty. Although it may have shocked his family, his confession would appeal to truth-hungry Capricorns.

Fezco’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Aquarius

Fezco on a couch

Capricorns want money and power, but Aquarians only care about people’s souls. Fez is one of the purest characters of the show, even though he is a drug dealer.

Besides, Aquarius natives don’t really care about the law or societal expectations, so they probably wouldn’t have a problem with Fezco’s dubious career.

Cassie Howard’s Ideal Zodiac Sign Is Pisces

Cassie has perhaps one of the most tumultuous plot arcs of any Euphoria character so far. Her relationship with Nate has made characters turn on her, and even her mom and sister are critics.

Cassie might think no one understands her or her behavior. However, Pisces are sensitive, considerate, and intuitive. They might see Cassie differently than her judgemental peers and see her sweet and well-intentioned side.

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