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Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Love is Blind season 4 episodes 1-5.

Love Is Blind season 4 has returned to Netflix with the first five episodes of the juicy fourth season, which has already led to early heartbreak for Kwame Appiah during the pod stage of the blind love experiment. The hit Netflix dating show challenges singles to fall in love without seeing their partners, which can often lead to uncertainty, hesitation, and messy love triangles and squares. Kwame was one of the early causalities of Love Is Blind season 4, though he wasn’t the only single to shed some tears.

While past seasons of Love Is Blind has featured cast members who weren’t ready to tie the knot, Love Is Blind season 4 cast features a majority of people in their 30s. The 15 women are between the ages of 26 and 39, while the men are aged 27 to 37. Kwame, 33, entered the show as a sales development manager from Portland. He first connected with Micah Lussier, 27, a marketing manager who divides her time between Seattle and Scottsdale, Arizona. Micah and Kwame’s attraction and connection was one of the first storylines shown on Love Is Blind season 4; however, it did not end how Kwame wanted it to.

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Kwame Appiah Gets His Heart Broken On Love Is Blind

Kwame Appiah and Micah Lussier Love Is Blind 4 split image

Kwame and Micah developed a strong emotional connection in Love Is Blind season 4 while still in the pod stage. This led to Kwame wanting to propose to her early on day six rather than continuing to get to know the other women. “I’ve just been smitten for a really long time,” Kwame confessed to the cameras. “Everything I want in a woman is there, is in Micah,” he later admitted to fellow his male contestants. However, Micah asked Kwame to hold off on the proposal so that she could get to know Paul Peden better. Micah decided to end her romance with Kwame for Paul, which led to Kwame breaking off contact with Micah and breaking down in the men’s quarters.

Should Micah Lussier Have Chosen Kwame Appiah Over Paul Peden?

Kwame was so sure about Micah that he wanted to cut the pod stage short on Love Is Blind season 4. He called Micah his soulmate, and she confessed they share a similar outlook on life. However, she ended up picking Paul, a 29-year-old environmental scientist. Micah accepted Paul’s proposal in episode 2 and got him to dump Amber Wilder for her. Paul and Micah were very happy when they saw each other and voiced their mutual attraction. However, a group trip to Mexico during episodes 4 and 5 saw Micah and Kwame becoming flirtatious, revealing their lingering feelings for each other despite them being engaged to other people.

Can Kwame Move On With Chelsea On Love Is Blind?

Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Love is Blind 4

Kwame was positive that Micah was his match on Love Is Blind. “I’d rather leave here single than in a rushed relationship,” he told the cameras. However, he ended up connecting with his fellow Love Is Blind season 4 cast member Chelsea Griffin, a 31-year-old pediatric speech-language pathologist. Chelsea was visibly upset to see Micah and Kwame becoming flirtatious in the pool, which caused her to question things with Kwame. However, Kwame assured Chelsea that he wanted her rather than Micah. Though Kwame had a second shot at love, the remaining episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 will reveal if Chelsea is the right match for him.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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