Why Andy Was Made So Unlikable In Season 9


Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) was made very unlikable in The Office’s final season, and there may have been several factors to explain his behavior.

Andy Bernard became extremely unlikable in The Office season 9, and there could be a few factors explaining his bad behavior. Ed Helms played the role since the character’s introduction in the sitcom’s third season. Originally an employee at Dunder Mifflin’s Stamford branch, Andy relocated to Scranton when the two offices merged. Though he tried to make a great first impression on Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell), Andy turned out to be a terrible salesperson. Still, Helms’ character was made manager for two seasons before the show came to an end. His increased role at the company coincided with Andy’s drastically different personality.


When Andy first joined the Scranton branch, he was insecure and arrogant toward his peers. When it came to his new boss, Andy made an effort to fawn over Michael’s every move to become a workplace-favorite. Andy’s quirks, however, made him a target of pranking, bringing out his over-the-top anger issues. The character settled down a bit, serving as an oddball supporting character until Michael’s time as the central figure of The Office came to an end in season 7. Shortly before Michael exited the series, a subplot surrounding a romantic relationship between Andy and receptionist Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper) emerged. They hit a will-they-won’t-they sitcom cliché before fully entering a relationship toward the end of season 8. Upon returning from a trip to Florida, Andy learned that Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) took over his job as manager, setting off behavioral issues that led to his short-term firing. At the end of the season, Andy got his job back, but his attitude remained a serious problem in the perception of the character throughout the show’s ninth and final installment.

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Andy Regained His Worst Qualities In The Office’s Final Season

Andy Bernard excited and screaming in The Office

Not only was Andy terrible to Nellie and other co-workers, but he was truly awful to Erin in The Office season 9. She stood Andy’s side during the difficult situations surrounding his career and family matters, but he never fully appreciated her. Interestingly, Andy was sent to Outward Bound for manager training ahead of the final season. When he returned, he reverted to his old ways, regaining qualities of being tone-deaf, cocky, and self-centered. It was almost as if Andy lost all of the positive character development during his trip. While one theory suggested Andy’s change of demeanor stemmed from the “alcohorse” incident, the real issues seemed to come from the writing.

Despite Andy’s job promotion, allowing the character to essentially take over Michael’s role, filming schedules became an issue for Helms as he continued to get starring movie roles. Due to his rising popularity following his work in The Hangover, Helms split time on The Office with his film projects. That resulted in Andy’s absence from the sitcom for periods of time. Rather than write him out of the show, Andy was given off-screen storylines. By popping in and out of the narrative, it was harder for viewers to accept Andy’s behavior. His poor treatment of others seemed unwarranted for someone rarely present at the workplace. It’s possible the writers didn’t know what to do with Helms by the final season, but his unlikable presence tarnished the character’s legacy.

Andy Didn’t Deserve His Bad The Office Ending

Michael, Andy, and Jim in “A Benihana Christmas” (S3, E10-11) of The Office

While Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) was certainly not the most lovable character on The Office, he didn’t deserve his season 9 arc that culminated with the Andy The Office bad ending. In the penultimate episode of The Office, it’s revealed that the documentary has been completed, coupled with exactly what happened in the main cast’s futures. While many of the characters got a fitting finale, the one that really stood out was Andy’s. In the end, Andy made a complete fool of himself by having a mental breakdown during a singing competition show, and his meltdown was turned into an internet meme.

While he did get to rejoin his alma mater (Cornell) as a member of the staff, his singing competition fit proves the writers cheapened his character arc with The Office ending. What’s even worse is that during a table read, it’s revealed that Andy had a fiancé, and this happy news was scrapped from the finale. While not a major character in the same sense as Dwight, Jim, and Pam, Andy was given his own complex arc in the show as he dealt with his insecurities and emotional management issues, which was completely undone by his behavior during The Office season 9. All in all, Andy’s ending seemed to be based solely on his decisions during season 9 alone, completely forgoing the man he had become prior to the final installment.

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