Why Angie Katsanevas Will Be Full-Time For RHOSLC Season 4


Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 features Angie Katsanevas as a “friend of,” but she is very much likely to be a full-time housewife by next season. Fans who think RHOSLC is the best franchise know there was room for new cast members after Mary Cosby’s departure. Mary’s time on the show was up after refusing to attend the RHOSLC season 2 reunion. In addition, Jennie Nguyen was fired from the franchise following her racially charged social media posts. Thus, when the RHOSLC season 3 trailer dropped in September, it wasn’t surprising to find some new faces alongside the full-time cast.


RHOSLC season 3 features three “friends of.” They are the returning, Angie Harrington, and the new stars, Angie Katsanevas and Danna Bui-Negrete. Although the show’s spotlight will focus mainly on the major stars, the lesser-known “friends of” also have roles to play and will bring the drama. The Real Housewives franchise, a comfort to fans, has a history of turning lesser-known “friends of” into mainstays in the franchise. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising for any of the RHOSLC season 3 “friends of’s” to become full-time cast members in the seasons to come. However, there is a firm belief that Angie K. has what it takes to become a full-timer for RHOSLC season 4.

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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Angie Failed Her Audition In 2019

Although this is Angie’s first stint in the Real Housewives franchise, it’s not the first time she has tried to get on RHOSLC. In 2019, Angie auditioned for the show but did not make the cut. However, she has remained a fan since and maintained hope of finally making it to RHOSLC. Following her failed attempt in 2019, Angie took to her Instagram page to reveal the news to her followers but admitted that the women the producers picked for RHOSLC were fabulous. Heather Gay, who’s friends with realtor Danna, commented on the now-deleted post, noting that Angie was born to be a star. Heather wasn’t wrong in her assertions, as Angie was finally selected for RHOSLC season 3. Her determination to make it on RHOSLC shows how much she loves the series and that she will likely do whatever she can to become a full-time cast member on RHOSLC.

Angie Is A Friend Of Jen Shah From The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Greek-American Angie has been friends with Jen Shah for a long time. Two years ago, Angie posed with Heather and Jen when she attended an event for the opening of Beauty Lab and Laser. Jen and Angie’s closeness was seen when Jen reposted a message by a Bravo fan account about Angie being an RHOSLC newbie. Given that this season’s central drama will likely surround Jen’s guilty plea, Angie will get a lot of camera time, given how close she is with the RHOSLC cast member. Jen will likely deal with a lot of emotional trauma once fans see her plead guilty, and Angie could be one of the friends she can confide in. If Angie can wow the RHOSLC fans throughout the season, many will be calling on Bravo to promote her to a full-time cast member.

Angie Is Also Close To Lisa From The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Despite Angie’s friendship with Jen and Heather, she has also been hanging out with Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose. Before the RHOSLC‘s season 3 premiere, Angie attended an event for Utah Foster Care. Lisa is heavily involved in the organization and posed on the red carpet alongside Angie and Whitney. Also, Angie took to her Instagram page to share several snaps from the event, showing signs of a developing friendship. Meanwhile, Whitney and Lisa have been leaving comments on Angie’s recent Instagram posts, while the same can’t be said for Jen and Heather. Angie’s seemingly close bond with the RHOSLC ladies shows she kept close tabs on them since 2019. It also means Angie will have even more screen time as she will likely be involved in any drama occurring between RHOSLC‘s main cast. According to Angie K.’s bio from BravoTV, “she always has her friends’ backs but will speak her mind when they cross her.” Many fans believe if Angie, who was spotted filming RHOSLC with Jen, is caught in any drama between her friends on RHOSLC, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and defend them like a true Real Housewife. Whatever happens, these types of situations only increase her appeal and would make fans want to watch her more.

The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Angie Is An Entrepreneur, Wife, & Mother

One of the more interesting aspects about Angie K. is that she has been married for over 25 years. She is married to Shawn Trujillo, who is also her business partner. Angie met Shawn when she visited his salon as a customer before sitting next to each other at the station. Afterward, the RHOSLC couple developed a friendship that grew into a professional partnership. Soon after, they took their passion and expertise to another level, which led them to start their own venture after years of working together. Angie and Shawn created the beauty salon, Lunatic Fringe. Their salon is now very successful as it now has 10 branches across four states. The couple also has a flourishing personal as they share an adorable 10-year-old daughter, Elektra. RHOSLC fans would love to have Angie join as a full-time cast member so they could get to know her business and her family more. Her presence seems like it may guarantee drama and interesting storylines.

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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