Why Challenge Fans Think Amber & Chauncey Are The Best Duo


Fans of The Challenge think Amber and Chauncey make the best duo because the couple has a genuine bond and they are able to play individual games.

Fans think Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer are the best ride-or-die pair on The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Amber, who also competed on Big Brother season 16, has returned to the game hungry for another win after her success on The Challenge: Double Agents. Amber brought on her boyfriend of one year, Chauncey, to compete alongside her for his rookie season. In a game that encourages betrayal and double-crossing, The Challenge: Ride or Dies aims to give Challengers at least one close ally to trust amid the chaos. Amber and Chauncey are one of the few romantic pairings appearing on the show this season.


Despite the title and theme of the season, some fans aren’t buying that every pair is truly willing to ride or die for each other. The format of The Challenge: Ride or Dies forces certain returning Challenge vets to pair up into men and women duos, but not every couple seems natural. Specifically, viewers have wondered if Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira are truly ride-or-dies, or if their story is manufactured by production for the sake of this season’s theme. The same is being asked of Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez. Even those who aren’t considered Challenge legends, like Faysal Shafaat, are being questioned for the validity of their ride-or-die.

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Amber & Chauncey Have Already Conquered Challenge Champs

Amber and Chauncey’s bond seems genuinely authentic to fans, and many are arguing that the couple is the best duo this season. In a Reddit thread started by user Any-Performer9590, fans discussed the merits of Amber and Chauncey as a team. Many feel that Amber and Chauncey have a good chance at winning The Challenge: Ride or Dies after their stellar performance so far this season. As a team, the couple managed to beat Challenge champs Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo. Competing individually, Amber also defeated Nurys Mateo in a brutal pole wrestle.

Fans Think Amber & Chauncey Could Be Together For Years To Come

Amber & Chauney Pre-Game

One reason why Amber and Chauncey stand out from other Challenge: Ride or Die pairs is their obvious chemistry and care for each other. One user commented on the couple’s attitude toward each other, writing, “They genuinely seem like they love each other, and act like a couple who’ve been together for a very long time.” Fans are likely referring to the constant reassurances that Amber and Chauncey give each other throughout the game, even after being split into two separate teams. Amber’s experience on her rookie Challenge season gives the couple perspective, and neither of them takes the game too seriously.

Fans also appreciate that Amber and Chauncey are managing to play their individual games despite their partnership. One user said, I like how they’re clearly connected but still playing their own way. Amber continues to show how strong she is, and Chauncey supports her and doesn’t think he needs to play savior.” When playing The Challenge in a pair, certain players may feel like they need to sacrifice their game moves and strategies to appease their partner. The different methods of playing the game can lead to emotional gameplay from pairs on The Challenge, but Amber and Chauncey have avoided these obstacles by focusing on their own games.

Longtime fans of The Challenge have seen countless pairs come and go throughout the seasons, so one couple managing to stand out is impressive. Amber and Chauncey are still in the running to win The Challenge: Ride or Dies, and many viewers are rooting for them. While other ride-or-die pairs seem inauthentic, Amber and Chauncey clearly care for each other and are able to function independently, making them strong candidates to win or at least return for future seasons.

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