Why Fans Don’t Think Kody Made Up With Garrison Or Gabriel


Followers of Sister Wives feel that Kody Brown is still not speaking with his two sons, Gabriel and Garrison, after their major falling out.

Sister Wives fanatics recently tried to figure out if Kody Brown had made up with his two sons, Gabriel and Garrison, but the answer didn’t seem too positive. Janelle Brown and Kody’s two older sons had a major blowout with the patriarch over the strict COVID-19 rules Kody implemented in 2020. Kody’s fondness for staying healthy left a bitter taste in both sons’ mouths, leaving their relationship severely fractured.

Garrison is the fourth child of Janelle and Kody, while Gabriel is the fifth. The two brothers are extremely close, with Gabriel being a bit more outspoken. More is known about Garrison, who decided to join the Nevada Army National Guard a few years ago. He also recently bought a home in Flagstaff and adopted a cat to keep him company. As for Gabriel, he is a student at Northern Arizona University. Fans will recall he gave up an entire summer to cram his senior year classes in so he could graduate early. During the earlier seasons of Sister Wives, Kody spoke highly of his two sons, but now he doesn’t mention them at all.


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Before COVID-19, there was tension between Kody and Gabriel. When the patriarch announced the move from Las Vegas to Arizona, Gabe was extremely bitter and would always clash with his dad. It is easy to think that the first fight could have been the catalyst that led to the bigger falling out. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Kody, Gabe, or Garrison have made up with one another after taking a deeper dive into their relationship. During the “Tell-All,” they touched on the fight, with Kody taking zero responsibility for the brawl. It was evident that Kody was less than thrilled with his rules being ignored, so instead of working out their differences, the patriarch essentially casted his two sons aside.

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Kody’s biggest stipulation centered around Gabe’s very active social life and the yearning to want to be with his girlfriend even though the CDC was urging self-isolation. At the time, Janelle, who believes Kody is a good father, tried her best to mediate the situation by offering a solution that had said girlfriend moving in, but Kody was against the idea. All Garrison wanted to was to see his other siblings but instead was met with an eviction notice.

Kody’s two sons are adults now, but the father of 18 found it hard to understand as he wanted so badly to be in control of their lives. It was obvious to Sister Wives fans that Garrison and Gabe were hurt by Kody’s outbursts. Instead of tossing them out of the family home and ignoring their pleas for a relationship, Kody should have found some sort of compromise. It is safe to say, for now, that the three men are not close and will probably need to talk it out in order to work through all their issues.

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