Why Fans Think Christine Brown Has Become A Petty Person


Sister Wives’ Christine Brown makes a petty comment about still looking like a polygamist. Jealousy plays a role in her leaving the lifestyle.

The third of the Sister Wives to join the family, Christine Brown is speaking out about her feelings on polygamy and in some cases, being petty. The mother of six, who joined family patriarch Kody Brown in a spiritual marriage in 1994, has been making headlines since she left Kody and their extended family, including three other wives and 18 children. Christine left the polygamous clan in November 2021 and has since relocated to the family’s prior home state of Utah, with her 9-year-old daughter Truely, leaving the others in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Whatever issues the Sister Wives have had with each other or with Kody have intensified since they moved from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Arizona, and since Covid hit, forcing the family to socially distance. The normal pressures of being part of a polygamous family were magnified due to the dynamics changing drastically in a short period of time. In Las Vegas, the family occupied four houses in a cul-de-sac and enjoyed a proximity that allowed for easy access to each other. In Arizona, the family planned to build something similar on a swath of land called Coyote Pass. That has yet to occur.


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Kody proposed building one large home for all the Sister Wives to share in Arizona, though they would have their own private quarters and one shared common area. Christine was the only one who was adamant about not living in one house. When Sister Wives season 1 aired in 2010, the Brown family was living under one roof in Utah until they fled when the state’s polygamy laws changed. Now Kody proposed the same accommodations, but Christine refused. Fans began seeing glimpses of trouble in paradise when Christine said, “I would happily live next door to them [Sister Wives] for the rest of my life. Absolutely. With them? No, no. Have you met them?”

SIster Wives Christine-Brown

Though it’s difficult to pinpoint when Christine’s distaste for closeness with her Sister Wives occurred, fans watched her connection to the family, particularly with Kody, disintegrate over the last couple of years. She began speaking about her jealousy. In Sister Wives season 10, Christine said, “I still get super, super, super jealous.” It’s ironic that she expressed this because she has said that she never envisioned being in a monogamous marriage. She claims to have been more interested in having Sister Wives than in having a husband. But since joining the Brown family, her feelings seem to have shifted. Her desire for romance played a major role in her desire to stay with Kody, and when the Brown patriarch told her at the end of Sister Wives season 16 that their intimacy was unlikely to continue, Christine left.

In an IG video from kimmy_robinson_66, Christine makes a petty comment about her French braid, saying she “looks like a polygamist, how ironic.” If she was the jealous type, why did she join a polygamous family? Interestingly, since moving back to Utah, she is closer with Janelle Brown, the one wife who never really posed a threat in her eyes. Janelle sided with Christine in opposing Kody’s strict Covid rules. Janelle is also independent and chooses her kids over Kody. Robyn Brown is likely the true threat. She is younger by seven years and has young kids who demand Kody’s time. She is also the only wife who willingly obeyed Kody’s Covid commandments, so he spent the majority of time in her house.

Christine’s jealousy over Robyn, she later admitted, was really anger she had toward Kody, who seemed to be favoring the fourth wife. In the book Becoming Sister WivesJanelle reveals, “When Kody let slip that he had selected Robyn’s wedding dress himself, Christine was devastated and walked off set.” Christine now denounces polygamy, which seems like a smart move for her. Perhaps remaining monogamy or the single life will suit her better.

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