Why Fans Think Little People, Big World Should Come To An End


Little People, Big World aired on TLC for years, and fans think it should end. Season 24’s premiere wasn’t exciting, and it’s time to cancel the show.

The TLC series Little People, Big World has been airing since 2006, but some fans think the show has run its course. Viewers felt that the season 24 premiere was underwhelming and boring, repeating the same storylines that have gone on for multiple years. The Roloffs are starting to migrate farther away from the farm as their feud gets worse, giving the show’s viewers fewer scenes with the whole family.

On the past few seasons of Little People, Big World, the Roloffs have been unsure about how to move forward with selling the North side of the farm after Amy Roloff sold her share of the property. When Jeremy and Zach Roloff backed out of an unfair deal, Matt Roloff was left to his own devices. Now, the Roloffs are in a family feud that has spanned for years. As each Roloff sibling distanced themselves from appearing on LPBW, fans watched the same old drama between Amy, Matt, Zach, and their partners. Reddit user External_Tank4816 thinks the newest season has stale content that seems repetitive and staged, leaving fans to wonder if the Roloffs should walk away from the show.


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Fans Didn’t Like The Little People, Big World Season 24 Premiere

Little People, Big World season 24 premiered on November 1, and many viewers weren’t happy with the first episode. On Reddit, user External_Tank4816 called the episode a “snooze fest.” They think that LPBW couple Zach and Tori aren’t capable of carrying the show on their own if Matt and Amy choose to stop filming. The same user also questioned the future of Little People, Big World. Roloff Farms was the show’s central location, and Matt is the only family member currently living there. It doesn’t seem like the show should go on for much longer, according to viewers. “I’m not sure this show can really continue,” the fan said. Another user agreed, adding, “This show has jumped the shark and needs to be canceled. It’s literally the same stories year after year.”

Other Little People, Big World fans noticed how the show isn’t as interesting as it used to be, and is focusing less on happy family moments. The premiere episode featured Josiah Roloff’s birth, which was the only humble scene. “I really miss when the show followed them around more with some commentary,” user DarthKatnip said. The LPBW fan noted how recent seasons have become more “scripted,” and they don’t enjoy watching the Roloffs have on-camera conversations that are clearly set up for the show. When Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler discussed the family drama at a restaurant, it seemed like a scene that was planned for TLC viewers to watch.

Little People, Big World had a great run on TLC for many seasons. However, it may be better for the Roloff family to leave reality TV behind in order to save their relationships with each other. Zach and Matt have a complicated LPBW feud, and the father-son duo should try to solve their problems off-camera for the sake of their family. The majority of the Roloff clan already left the show, including Caryn, who recently quit. It will only be a matter of time before the entire family officially says goodbye to the series for good.

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Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: External_Tank4816/Reddit

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