Why Seb & Creed From Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Are Friendship Goals


While Seb Melrose and Creed McKinnon failed to win the Too Hot To Handle season 4 prize, they did walk away with a wholesome friendship.

Although Sebastian “Seb” Melrose and Creed McKinnon didn’t win Too Hot To Handle season 4, they did gain something many consider more valuable than money: a genuine friendship. Seb, Creed, and the rest of the Too Hot To Handle season 4 cast initially believed that they were cast for Mario Lopez’s fake new series Wild Love, but once they found out that they were in Lana’s hands, it didn’t take long for dramatic hookups and emotional connections to form. Seb and most of the other Too Hot To Handle men couldn’t take their eyes off of Kayla Richart, but as the days passed, Creed found himself drawn to Sophie Stonehouse.


In the end, Seb and Creed’s paths wildly diverged as Too Hot To Handle season 4 unfolded. While Scottish racecar driver Seb sealed the deal with Kayla and walked away as not just boyfriend and girlfriend but the series’ runner-ups, Creed was kicked out of the competition by Lana just before the Too Hot To Handle finale. Despite all of Creed’s transgressions, such as how he treated Sophie, Seb was noticeably upset to see his friend get eliminated and revealed that he grew the closest to Creed (besides Kayla) at the Turks and Caicos Villa. Since Too Hot To Handle season 4 ended with Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici voted the winners, Seb and Creed’s friendship has grown even stronger.

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Seb Melrose & Creed McKinnon Are Big Fans Of Each Other

Although Australian native Creed exemplified his status as Too Hot To Handle season 4’s bad boy and Seb almost ruined his chances with Kayla after Flavia Laos Urbina’s arrival, the two men have remained each other’s number one fans and aren’t afraid to show off their friendship online. Besides their various TikTok’s and Instagram Stories together in which they praise one another, Seb and Creed even took a short vacation to Spain before they joined the rest of the Too Hot To Handle cast in London. While Seb’s emotional bond with Kayla was a highlight of Too Hot To Handle season 4, Seb and Creed’s friendship was an unexpected, yet supportive, standout development.

Seb Melrose & Creed McKinnon Love To Joke About THTH

Real friends aren’t afraid to make fun of each other, and when it comes to their respective journeys on Too Hot To Handle, Seb and Creed clearly couldn’t agree more. Seb and Kayla, as well as Jawahir and Nick, couldn’t help but break the THTH rules made by Lana and almost single-handedly reduced the initial $200,000 grand prize to just $89,000, while Creed was eventually eliminated after he two-timed Flavia and Too Hot To Handle‘s last newcomer, Imogen Ewan. Since Jawahir and Nick were declared the winners on December 14, Seb and Creed have frequently made fun of each other’s experiences on Too Hot To Handle, with Creed’s misgivings towards Sophie, Flavia, and Imogen being the biggest butt of everyone’s jokes.

Seb & Creed Aren’t The Only Wholesome THTH Friendship

While the popular Netflix series isn’t known for its amount of solid romantic relationships, there’s no doubt that the entire cast of Too Hot To Handle season 4, especially the men and the women, have a deep respect for one another. Nick and Too Hot To Handle MVP James Pendergrass not only have a strong bond of their own but have both dedicated heartwarming Instagram posts to their fellow castmates. In addition, Seb, Creed, and the rest of Lana’s newest students frequently comment on each other’s social media posts and have been having a great time as a group in London. Jawahir and Nick may have won the monetary prize on Too Hot To Handle season 4, but Seb and Creed are two stars who didn’t exactly walk away with nothing.

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