Why Sex Education’s Delay Is Good For Season 4


Since it first premiered in 2019, Sex Education seasons have always released within a year of each other, however, Sex Education season 4 seems to be experiencing a longer delay, which could actually be great for the series. The Netflix comedy follows Otis as he uses his mother’s sex therapist knowledge to start a sex advice business at his eccentric British high school. Sex Education is well-loved by audiences for its inclusive nature and hilarious characters.

As with any beloved series, the anticipation for Sex Education season 4 is high. This is especially true considering the various changes in writers and cast exits that have been announced since season 3 ended. Currently, the future of Sex Education beyond season 4 is up in the air, which has caused both serious worries and big expectations for the upcoming run. This makes the long hiatus between Sex Education seasons even worse, but the delay may be beneficial for the series in the end.

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Sex Education’s Season 4 Delay Can Reset The Show

Sex Education Season 3 Otis

By extending the gap between Sex Education season 3 and season 4, there is more time for the show to undergo a much-needed reset. With the exits of Patricia Allison as Ola and Tanya Reynolds as Lily, Sex Education needed more time to figure out its next steps forward. The creators of Sex Education could not jump right into season 4 as quickly as past seasons because they needed to find new actors and replace old storylines. Sex Education has also seen an influx of new writers, which only emphasizes the need for an adjustment period.

Not only is this reset important for Sex Education, it is also vital for the show’s audience. Amid the swirling rumors and fear for the show’s fate, some time can be carved out for viewers to accept big changes are coming to Sex Education. A hiatus gives the chance to come to terms with Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa exiting after Sex Education season 4. Further away from the ending of Sex Education season 3, audiences will get a fresh outlook on the show as it delves into a new, different form if season 5 happens.

Sex Education’s Hiatus Is Good For The Show’s Future (Even If S4 Is The End)

sex education season 2 screenshot main cast otis maeve eric

Due to all the changes Sex Education has seen since season 3 ended, it is beneficial for the show to take a longer-than-usual break to clean up any plot issues. More than that, if Sex Education season 4 is the last season, this hiatus is an even smarter choice, as writers can create the ideal ending. One core benefit of the delay is that the writers can make a season that meets fan expectations and ties up plot lines before Sex Education ends for good. This gap between seasons will either create a strong foundation for Sex Education‘s future seasons or will offer a carefully thought-out finale.

While the break between Sex Education seasons can at times feel torturous, the end result is almost certainly going to be worth the wait. Whether the series will end with season 4 or continue into a new generation, the Sex Education season 4 delay means writers are sure to come up with a story that is as engaging and strange as past seasons. At the very least, Sex Education will continue doing what it does best: portraying hilarious, unique characters in interesting and important situations.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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