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Indian Matchmaking star Sima Taparia has opened up about considering a career change. The 56-year-old woman, a resident of Mumbai city in India, has been the heart and soul of the Netflix reality TV show since 2020. Sima became an overnight sensation thanks to the series, which introduced her as a well-known matchmaker for high-profile Gujarati and Marwari families in India and overseas. Sima’s fees were making fans curious, and so was her past. As it turns out, the Gulbarga-born Sima got married when she was 19, to Anup Taparia, and couldn’t do a job because of her orthodox new family.


Sima Aunty’s matchmaking history dates back to 1993, when she used to be the Charter President of the Maheshwari caste womens’ organization. Deepsakhi. Sima refers to herself as, “Professor Sima,” who knows how to find the best match for her clients. From a young age, Sima had a natural talent for figuring out which people would click. This is what inspired Sima to form her own matchmaking service. Interestingly, before Indian Matchmaking, Sima also starred in a similar documentary, A Suitable Girl, in 2017, in which she tried to find her daughter a good husband.

Indian Matchmaking’s Sima Taparia Had A Low Success Rate

While Sima successfully got her daughter married in A Suitable Girl, she’s had more trouble with her regular clients, who’ve been showcased across three Indian Matchmaking seasons. According to Indian Express, Sima was recently chatting with Cyrus Broacha on his podcast Cyrus Says, where she addressed her low success rate. Sima claims she’s, “merely a mediator,” and whatever happens will be based on one’s own destiny. She talked about many others jumping into matchmaking (and thinking it would be an, “easy” task) after watching her on the show. Those people likely learned it’s not as easy as it looks.

Indian Matchmaking’s Sima Taparia’s Husband Encouraged Her To Keep Going

Also, Sima said there was a time when she almost quit matchmaking. When she made it her full-time profession in 2005, she was getting an influx of clients, since they believed that Sima was an honest person. However, somewhere down the line, Sima decided to quit the job. “I was depressed,” she admitted. Sima started feeling she wasn’t doing a good enough job. She realized that, “it’s all destiny,” and beyond her control to find a match for everyone. It was her husband Anup Taparia who encouraged Sima to not give up. Anup told Sima, “No. no. you have all these qualities, you have to continue,” and Sima took her husband’s advice.

Sima Taparia Reveals If Indian Matchmaking Is Real Or Scripted

When Sima filmed Indian Matchmaking, she didn’t expect it to become the success that it is today. Just 24 hours after the show premiered three years ago, Sima started getting at least 5000 calls a day from potential clients. Sima’s popularity lies in her witty one-liners, which she claims are not written for her. “Not a single dialogue I have. Just the camera is following, I’m talking to the clients, I’m conversing,” she confessed. As per Sima, nothing about Indian Matchmaking is rigged. Netflix hasn’t given her any lines to speak, and, “it’s all total reality.

Sources: Indian Express, Sima Taparia/Instagram, Cyrus Says


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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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