Why THAT Death In The Bad Batch Season 2 Finale Was A Huge Mistake


Warning! SPOILERS for The Bad Batch, season 2, episodes 15 & 16.Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 has finally come to a close, but before leaving, it decided to take one of its most important characters along with it. Rather than pack a lot of story development throughout the series, The Bad Batch favors a slower, more character-driven approach to its story. From its inception, the point of the series has been to show exactly what happened to the clone army after the rise of the Empire. Through Clone Force 99, Star Wars explores how the clones ended up experiencing more injustice after the Clone Wars than during it, and in doing so, sets up The Bad Batch season 3.


In The Bad Batch season 2, episode 16, the series takes a shocking turn by killing off Tech, a fan-favorite among the Batch. After finding themselves stuck atop a train rail on Eriadu, Tech sacrifices himself to save the rest of his squad. It’s a bittersweet moment to see yet another clone die unnecessarily, long after the war has ended. But Tech fell at peace, knowing his squad would carry his memory on. Nevertheless, killing Tech is a strange ending to The Bad Batch season 2, as it leaves a large hole—not only in Clone Force 99, but in the show as a whole.

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Tech Was The Only Member Of Clone Force 99 To Grow As A Character

Omega and Tech in The Bad Batch

Despite the Disney+ TV show’s attempt at a slower pace that develops its characters, few of The Bad Batch managed to actually grow this season. In the early episodes of season 2, it seemed like The Bad Batch made Echo important as a character, yet most of his growth happened off-screen. Similarly, Omega, Hunter, and Wrecker aren’t much different than they were at the beginning of the show. With the possible (and unlikely) exception of Crosshair, Tech is the only member who had noticeable growth as a character this season.

At the beginning of the show, Tech came across as somewhat cold and callous. His inability to read the room often resulted in him spouting facts or truths that everyone was thinking but that no one wanted to hear. However, Tech underwent massive changes as a character this season. For one thing, he stepped out of his comfort zone by participating in a more dangerous form of podracing in season 2, episode 3. Moreover, in season 2, episode 9, Tech managed to open up and explain that he processes things differently after Omega confronted him about his apparent lack of grief for Echo leaving the Batch.

The Bad Batch Has Lost Its Emotional Heart

Tech and Omega In The Bad Batch Episode 10

Out of all the clones in Clone Force 99, Tech was perhaps the most relatable. His lack of understanding others is precisely why so many viewers were able to understand him; Tech empathized with everyone but had difficulty showing it. And because he’s gone now, The Bad Batch season 3 with have a difficult time replacing the heart that he brought to the show. His demise may be the catalyst for the other members of The Bad Batch to finally grow as characters, but it still seems as if Tech’s emotional growth was prematurely wasted.

Not only was Tech a genius, but he was also one of the few members of the Batch to have a clear vision of his future. During The Bad Batch season 2, episode 15, the series very obviously hinted that there was a romance brewing between Phee Genoa and Tech. And even though Tech is unable to express his feelings to her, he seemed to reciprocate Phee’s advances in his own way. It will be heart-breaking to see how Phee takes his loss in The Bad Batch season 3, and how The Bad Batch fills the void left by his absence.

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Is Tech Really Dead In The Bad Batch?

Tech's Death in Bad Batch Season 2

Technically speaking, Tech has yet to fully be confirmed dead. But most signs point to his untimely demise. Even if he managed to fall into some sort of pool of water below the fog on Eriadu, the railcar he fell with will still fall on top of him. According to The Bad Batch’s newest villain, Doctor Hemlock, Tech’s shattered goggles were the only thing his troops were able to salvage from his fall. Nevertheless, out of all the members of Clone Force 99, Tech is the most likely to successfully pull off faking his own death.

It is also possible Hemlock is lying, given he is using decommissioned clones for his own research. He could even ultimately be turned into Star Wars‘ version of the MCU’s Winter Soldier, which would be an interesting direction for the show to take. In either case, if Tech managed to survive his fall he’ll be added to the long list of Star Wars characters who miraculously never die. But as it stands, the characters—and the audience—are set to mourn Tech’s loss in Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3.

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