Why This Week’s Live Feeds Have Been Wild


Celebrity Big Brother 3 got off to a predictable start, but the live feeds have shown alliances shifting, resulting in major moves and blow-ups.

The new season of Celebrity Big Brother got off to a fairly run-of-the-mill start, but things have been heating up on the live feeds. The first few evictions of the season saw some relatively cut-and-dry votes. The “Mon Won” twist did toss a bit of intrigue into the eviction of Teddi Mellencamp, as it forced Todd Bridges to replace Mirai Nagasu on the block next to Teddi at the last minute. Todd received a few eviction votes, but Teddi, targeted by a strong alliance, was evicted as expected. Unfortunately for Mirai, she was unanimously evicted in the next round.

The season was looking to be going down a predictable route thanks to less-than-competitive competitions and straightforward evictions. Miesha Tate won the first Head of Household, which put her and her alliance partner, Todrick Hall, in a good position. When she also won the third HOH, it seemed as if her and Todrick’s dominant streak was bound to continue and that they would pick off one of their targets, Carson Kressley or Cynthia Bailey, with relative ease this week. However, live feed watchers were able to see a real-time shift in the game that will have season-long ramifications, making the rest of CBB3 anything but predictable.


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The wild week in the Big Brother house started when Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan quit the game. His leaving wasn’t entirely unexpected, though, as he had been struggling with the game and with chronic pain and mobility issues due to a major spinal injury he suffered years ago. Kattan even asked to be evicted instead of Mirai when he was on the block next to her, but the house chose to keep him anyway. Kattan leaving didn’t factor too much in HOH Miesha’s plans, as she ultimately nominated her primary targets, Carson and Cynthia.

The week took a wilder turn when Shanna Moakler won the Power of Veto and devised a plan to take Carson off the block, forcing Miesha to replace him. Shanna and her ally Chris Kirkpatrick hoped Miesha would nominate Todd as the replacement and that they could gather enough votes to pull off a blindside against Todd, which would be a blow to Miesha and Todrick’s strategic plans. Shanna did use the veto on Carson, but her plan backfired when Miesha nominated Kirkpatrick instead of Todd. Immediately after the Veto ceremony, even more conflict erupted between nominee Cynthia and Todd, who heatedly hurled expletives at Cynthia due to her having voted to evict him in the first week.

Essentially, what was expected to be a boring and predictable week of Celebrity Big Brother live feeds became one that featured surprise evictions, strategic subterfuge, shouting matches, and a failed backdoor plan. Big Brother seasons are at their most exciting when there is a clear divide in the house, and this week’s feeds showed that divide fully materialize between the Miesha/Todrick contingent and the Shanna/Chris Kirkpatrick/Carson/Cynthia alliance. It will be exciting to see where the season goes from here. It’s anyone’s game at this point.

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Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS and is available to stream on Paramount+.

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