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A wild the Fast and Furious theory claims that Dominic Toretto’s mysterious mother makes a cameo in Fast X. The Fast Saga inches closer to its culmination with the release of Louis Leterrier’s contribution to the franchise. As the 10th installment of the main franchise, Fast X sees Dom and his “la familia” go up against a brand-new adversary in Dante — the resentful son of Hernan Reyes, who was killed in Fast Five. Dom gets help from his usual allies, but the film also sees him teaming up with new ones. Behind the scenes, however, he may have been getting help from someone that has a deep connection with him.


What started as a band of small-time criminals and street racers has grown to become one of the most prolific for-hire teams in the world. Dom’s “la familia” has gone through a lot of things. Even as their missions become bigger and more dangerous, however, they continue to test the limits of their capabilities by doing ludicrous stunts using their cars. Amid the ridiculous nature of The Fast Saga, Universal is able to ground it by highlighting the human connection of the group. The franchise tends to lean on the found family trope, but the Toretto clan’s history has also been a big part of its overall story.

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Fast & Furious Has Never Referenced Dominic Toretto’s Mom

Dominic toretto Jakob and Mia

Family has always been a big part of The Fast Saga. From the get-go, Dom and Mia’s relationship has been central in its storytelling. As the team expanded with the addition of Brian, Roman, Tej, and Han among others, the pair welcomed everyone as if they too are related by blood. F9, however, starts to look back on the history of the Torettos. The debut of Dom and Mia’s estranged brother, Jakob, also means exploring their past, including the tragic death of their father. That being said, neither F9 nor any other previous The Fast Saga movie has mentioned anything about their mother.

Even as Fast X debuts Rita Moreno as the Toretto grandmother, Dom, Mia, and Jakob’s mother remains an elusive character in The Fast Saga. Nothing really is known about her, with F9‘s flashbacks not including any references to her or her relationship with his kids. While The Fast Saga can simply ignore her absence in the franchise, being a family-centric film series somewhat calls for her eventual introduction. At this point, Universal has very limited time to set up her arrival.

Theory: Fast X’s Mystery Woman Is Dom’s Mother

Brie Larson as Tess in Fast X.

Fast X unsurprisingly leans on the concept of family, but this time, through Dom as a dad to Little B and Dante’s complicated history with his own father. That being said, it may have also secretly debuted the Torettos’ mother in the most unassuming way. During Tess’ initial conversation with Aimes, he asks several power players in the Agency for the green light to go after Dom and his “la familia.” Everyone else agrees with Aimes’ ruthless plan — except for one mysterious woman, who could ultimately be Dom, Mia, and Jakob’s mom.

Since the identities of Agency’s higher-ups are shrouded in mystery, there’s no additional information given about the said woman in Fast X. That being said, the fact that she’s the only one against going hunting down Dom and the “la familia” suggests that there’s more to her than just an executive in the organization. From the Agency’s point of view, it’s definitely better for them to neutralize Dom instead of taking the risk of helping them and jeopardizing their whole operation. Going against the majority of the votes is ballsy, but it makes sense if she’s trying to keep her kids safe against the Agency.

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How Dom’s Mom Working For The Agency Changes The Franchise

Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody and Tyrese as Roman Pearce in Fate of the Furious

Not much is known about Agency in The Fast Saga. Dom and his “la familia” were only pulled into the organization on the heels of the death of Han in Tokyo. Despite being involved in several of the team’s missions in the last few years, it remains an enigma, with Dom mostly dealing with its supposed leader, Mr. Nobody, and his subordinate, Little Nobody. It isn’t until Fast X that it is revealed that he has a daughter in Tess. The “la familia” and Agency have already worked multiple times now, but it’s still unclear why Mr. Nobody chose Dom and his crew for some of their most dangerous missions.

Having the Toretto matriarch working in Agency and pointing Mr. Nobody in her son’s direction would explain this big question. While it’s definitely risky to send off both her kids to do dangerous missions, at least she can keep an eye on them. The fact that she’s one of the bigwigs of Agency means that she has enough pull to convince Mr. Nobody to essentially employ Dom and his crew. In any case, his history with both Giselle and Han could have also helped with this supposed Toretto matriarch scheme.

Why Dom’s Mother Must Be In Fast & Furious 11

Vin Diesel in front of the Hobbs & Shaw cast

Fast X ends on a massive cliffhanger, with its sequel set to finish off his conflict with Dante. Despite Vin Diesel’s comments about wanting to continue The Fast Saga indefinitely, the current plan is for the franchise to end with its 12th film. As the film series nears its culmination, it needs to tie all narrative loose ends for a satisfying send-off to Dom and his “la familia.” That includes resolving the mystery surrounding his mother. Perhaps, the death of Jakob at the hands of Dante and rogue Agency member, Aimes will be enough motivation for her to come out of the shadows and be directly involved in the conflict.

Another possible reason for Dom’s mother to finally be introduced is the uncertainty about Mr. Nobody’s status as Agency’s leader. Fast X establishes that he has supposedly disappeared, and nobody knows where he is — not even Tess. The Toretto matriarch stepping up and ensuring that he still has full control of Agency when he comes back is pivotal to its future.


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