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Warning! Minor SPOILERS about Chicago Med season 8, episode 22 ahead.The Chicago Med season 8 finale revealed the unexpected exit of Dr. Will Halstead, and his departure will have huge consequences for the hospital. It’s a bittersweet moment every time a doctor or nurse leaves Gaffney Medical Centre, especially when it’s one of the show’s original cast. Amongst all the exits since season one, Dr. Halstead seemed to be holding strong for at least a few more seasons. His departure not only comes as a surprise for audiences, but it’ll be a huge blow to the Chicago Med characters.


Dr. Halstead has always been Chicago Med’s wildcard with his unpredictable and impulsive actions getting him in trouble. He’s had his false alarm departures before, but Will somehow always found his way back to Gaffney. However, actor Nick Gehlfuss confirmed to Variety that Will’s exit is for good, and the show will have to navigate a new era of the hospital. With Jack Dayton’s control coming crumbling down, Dr. Halstead’s absence will definitely be felt going into Chicago Med season 9.

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Will’s Exit Caused Jack Dayton’s Actions

Dr. Will Halstead in Chicago Med

The introduction of Chicago entrepreneur Jack Dayton in Chicago Med season 8 brought nothing but trouble to Gaffney. Jack’s initial interest in the hospital seemed to be out of gratitude, providing huge donations to the hospital like the implementation of the high-tech operating suite, O.R. 2.0. However, Jack’s involvement in the hospital eventually turned into a business venture. This led to the hospital’s controversial for-profit decision, something that Will was highly against. Will was wary about O.R. 2.0 ever since its introduction, and even more enraged when Jack prioritized wealthy patients to use the technology over non-insured victims.

Will’s breaking point, however, was the death of his patient Richard Evans. Though Jack had said that it was due to Crockett’s error in the surgery, Will and Dr. Grace Song discovered that it was a miscalculation in O.R. 2.0’s programming. When Jack insisted on continuing with his publicized surgery, Will and Grace sabotaged the system to highlight O.R. 2.0’s faults. Will eventually took complete blame for the plan, leading to his exit. While Will had good intentions, his actions and subsequent exit inadvertently have now forced Jack to sell the hospital, putting his former co-workers in jeopardy.

There’s Only One Original Doctor Left

Dr. Charles in the Chicago Med season 8 finale.

Chicago Med’s original cast of doctors is still beloved long after their departures. Dr. Connor Rhodes was the first original doctor to exit the show, leaving Gaffney after the deaths of his father and ex-girlfriend Dr. Ava Bekker. Dr. Natalie Manning then left in the season 7 premiere after she admitted to stealing heart medication for her mother, and Dr. Ethan Choi left earlier in season 8 to start a mobile clinic with his wife, former Gaffney nurse April Sexton. Amongst the season one ED, Will was one of the only remaining doctors coming into this season.

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Charles is the only remaining original doctor left in the ED after Will’s season 8 finale exit, marking the end of an era for Chicago Med. Though chief of hospital services Sharon Goodwin and charge nurse Maggie Lockwood are season one originals who are still on the show, season 8 has continuously been hinting at Maggie’s eventual exit, with her on the hunt for new jobs. While the new doctors who’ve come into the Gaffney ED have fit right in, Chicago Med might struggle to continue without the investment that came with its original cast.

Will’s Chicago Med Exit Could’ve Been Avoided

Dr. Will Halstead in Seattle Chicago Med exit

Although Will’s exit was extremely satisfying with a Natalie cameo and a Manstead reunion, it could’ve been avoided. Dr. Halstead’s impulsiveness has gotten him into trouble before and it was bound to have him face huge consequences eventually, but he did not have to take the complete blame for sabotaging O.R. 2.0. As Grace said, she also played a part in tampering with the system. If Will had let her take her portion of the blame, perhaps the outcome would’ve been less severe. However, with a future with Natalie on the line, Will seemed to have his mind made up when he handed in his letter of resignation.

Doctors and nurses have come and gone from the Chicago Med ED, but Dr. Halstead’s absence will be largely felt because of the consequences he leaves behind. His actions have left the fate of the hospital up in the air, and though Will has always managed to find his way back to Gaffney, he won’t be back in season 9 to see the hospital’s future play out. With both Halstead brothers now gone from their respective One Chicago shows, Will’s departure from Gaffney in the Chicago Med season 8 finale marks the end of an era.


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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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