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Starring and written by Kristen Wiig, the smash-hit comedy Bridesmaids aired over a decade ago, and the question for many is whether there could be a Bridesmaids sequel. Wiig took up the role of the main character, Annie, whose life began to fall apart after the closure of her bakery. The pressure further took hold when her best friend’s wedding resulted in a falling out between her and bride Lillian (Maya Rudolph.) While the narrative was very emotional for Annie, the storyline allowed for fantastic humor, intertwined with friendships and life’s difficulties, all delivered by a stellar cast, including Melissa McCarthy.

The movie grossed over $280 million at the worldwide box office (Via Box Office Mojo). It also racked up an impressive number of accolades, including Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress for McCarthy, rightly ranking Bridesmaids as one of her best films. From the cast to the narrative itself, every aspect of the movie was enjoyable, especially as the comedic element was never forced, but performed effortlessly. Nonetheless, whatever the response from audiences and critics is to any movie, the question of a Bridesmaids sequel comes down to whether the creators believe they can do it again.

How Bridesmaids Leaves The Door Open For A Sequel

Bridesmaids cast leaning on each other

The door had seemingly been left open for a Bridesmaids sequel to take place at some point, although the plotline did have a satisfying and well-rounded conclusion. Annie’s troubles wound up resolved well, as she finally decided to cut ties with the uncaring Ted (played by uncredited Jon Hamm) and reconciled her differences with her best friend. Lillian had a wedding filled with happiness and, most importantly, she made it down the aisle in time to marry the love of her life. There are no real loose ends that need tying up or answering, but there could be a continuation of the characters’ lives.

Audiences saw the very beginning of Annie and Rhodes’ (Chris O’Dowd) relationship, with plenty of scope for development to show whether they get stronger as a couple, or return to their rocky start, possibly resulting in them parting ways. In either case, the chemistry and great comedic timing between them in the first movie would be an asset to a possible second. McCarthy’s character, Megan, strongly contributed to making Bridesmaids one of the decade’s best comedies. She was hilarious with a truly quirky but endearing personality, and there is undoubtedly room for more of her unexpected anecdotes, which continued to take her friends (and audiences) by surprise.

It’s not inconceivable that Lillian and her bridesmaids find themselves thrown together again. If Annie and Rhodes remained a strong pairing, their wedding could be next, allowing for the likes of Megan, Lillian, and Helen (Rose Byrne) to regroup. Perhaps Megan settled down with Air Marshall Jon and their marriage becomes the focus. However, as is the danger with every possibility of a Bridesmaids sequel, there’s a chance it wouldn’t live up to the hype. Because it was such a success on its own, a Bridesmaids sequel isn’t needed to improve the original. It would solely serve as a continuation, which isn’t necessary.

Director Paul Feig Says Bridesmaids 2 Unlikely

Paul Feig and Kristen Wiig on the set of Bridesmaids

Having directed the first movie, Paul Feig said a Bridesmaids sequel isn’t looking likely. He explained the plot worked well because the comedy centered around Annie’s calamitous life. However, her healing resolved the central issues of the film. After everything came good for her, it would seem unrealistic for her life to take a sudden dip once more, with her encountering similar problems. For a Bridesmaids sequel to be on par, it needs equal emotional engagement found with Annie’s character. A simple reunion at a wedding, for example, wouldn’t have the same pathos conveyed in Bridesmaids.

Of course, there’s no doubt it would be full of humor and the female-led cast could revive their characters once more. Even so, Bridesmaids was more than just a humorous wedding movie. The cast was superb, and the fact it was relatable for many a viewer, showed how it wasn’t only dependent on easy laughs. Feig states that ultimately, the decision is in Wiig’s hands, as the idea stemmed from her and Annie Mumolo. However, the director did say a Bridesmaids sequel would be “fun,” so if Wiig wanted to create one, he would likely be on board.

Kristen Wiig Says There Will Never Be A Bridesmaids Sequel

The Bridesmaids stand together in a dress shop.

Feig leaves the final decision to Wiig, as she wrote the screenplay as well as starred in the movie – however, she said a Bridesmaids sequel wouldn’t happen. In a similar vein to Feig’s thoughts, Wiig feels the narrative has been told, and it’s not something she wishes to revisit any time soon (Via Us Weekly). Contributing to other projects shows Wiig has moved on to new things, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Bridesmaids means a great deal to her. Mumolo added to Wiig’s thoughts by describing how the lengthy process of making a movie made them feel like they’d got Bridesmaids out of their system. Evolving a movie from paper to the screen requires time, dedication, and effort.

If it’s not something that’s at the forefront of the creators’ minds, forcing such a project wouldn’t be fulfilling. To avoid recycling a plot line and instead, generate a unique script that’s at least on par with the humor and depth of the first movie, might be too challenging – or simply something that isn’t interesting to the creators at this point. Wiig’s extensive catalog of work ranges from starring in Anchorman 2 to appearing as a pigeon lady on SNL, so there’s no need for her to produce work for the sake of it. While there is always talk about a Bridesmaids sequel, some things are best left as they are.

Paul Feig Does Have A Pitch For Bridesmaids 2

Annie and Helen giving competing toasts in Bridesmaids

Now, if Kristen Wiig did decide she wanted to move forward with another movie in this world, director Paul Feig has an idea for a Bridesmaids sequel. Feig said that the movie’s heart was all about Wiig’s character, and that she has found happiness in her life. However, he did say that if there was a second movie, he would focus the story of that movie on Annie’s wedding. Similar to how the first movie saw Lillian’s wedding as the reason the bridesmaid’s got together, it would be Annie’s the second time, and then the women could just get into trouble once again.

“People want a Bridesmaids 2, which would be fun, but think about it. The reason we love that movie so much is because Kristen Wiig’s character is going through the fire and repairing herself. Does she go through the fire again and repair again? Or do we just have a ‘crazy’ wedding?”

Fans remember Bridesmaids with fondness, whereas if a sequel didn’t live up to standard, the negative response would be the lingering thought left with audiences. So for now, it looks like a Bridesmaids sequel isn’t happening but isn’t 100% off the table, and the final call with rest with Wiig and Mumolo – who made Bridesmaids into the success it was.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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