Wonder Woman’s Darkest Power Can Destroy All of Reality


The storyline JLA: Golden Perfect explores the deeper reason why Wonder Woman must protect and uphold truth, even when it’s difficult to understand.

Of all the powers Wonder Woman has, being the guardian of truth is her strongest, but it’s also her darkest. The three-part storyline, JLA: Golden Perfect, reveals the true power that the princess of the Amazons wields over the entire world. Her belief and protection of the truth, or lack thereof, has the potential to lead to the world’s destruction.

Wonder Woman’s lasso, also known as the Lasso of Truth or the Golden Perfect, is her most iconic weapon. However, it also holds the fate of the world in its strands. In other Diana is has the power to keep the world in balance or chaos. Should Wonder Woman stop believing in the truth the way she is meant to as a metaphysical guardian of it, the world literally begins to fall apart thanks to false truths taking hold.


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JLA #62–64 make up the storyline “JLA: Golden Perfect.” These issues have the creative team of Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke. Within them, Wonder Woman and the Justice League travel to Jarhanpur, where a mother’s child has potentially been made a slave. As Wonder Woman tries to discover the truth of the matter, she finds two truths that the Amazon does not believe can co-exist. This causes a breakage of her faith in the lasso and the truth, causing it to unravel. This break then leads to chaos within the world as truth becomes subjective, matching Wonder Woman’s failure to uphold the truth and believe in her own values equally. 

Batman explains what happened to the truth in JLA #64, the last part of the Golden Perfect storyline.

While Wonder Woman is known for being a guardian of truth, the power this role gives her isn’t commonly known. She is frequently seen forcing the truth out of her foes or even revealing hidden truths amongst her friends, but her abilities go beyond revealing the truth. Wonder Woman must also protect the truth and let it exist as it will. Failure to do so results in not just a failure to save the day as a heroine, but also in the cracking of order within the world. These issues show the severe ramifications of the Amazon’s failure. The Earth becomes the center of the universe, it turns into a flat planet, deities come to life (or threaten to), civil wars rage, numbers fail to compute accurately, and even Batman finds his physical existence threatened since he is believed to be a myth. Failure to protect the truth and remain objective to it caused all the inhabitants of the world to be responsible for the truth, which puts it—and the Justice League—on a collision course for destruction.

The truth is not subjective and Wonder Woman cannot treat it as such. Thankfully, she goes on her own quest and eventually realizes what the real truth is. She realizes her error and directly confronts it, begging forgiveness to the one entity she failed to listen to that mattered the most: Jarhanpur—a living world existing on Earth. While multiple truths can exist from differing perspectives, the truth itself is not subjective. Allowing it to be results in chaos, death, and destruction, which Wonder Woman and her lasso must prevent.

The truth may not be easy to uncover, or even to believe, but failing to listen to it is Wonder Woman’s darkest power that can lead to world imbalance and total destruction.

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