Wordle 309: April 24, 2022 Hints & Answer


The April 24th Wordle word is a brain-burner and can ruin some player’s win streaks. Here are today’s hints, and the full answer, to today’s Wordle.

Another Wordle is available for players to guess, and April 24th’s word could quickly ruin anyone’s long-standing win streak. Wordle is played on a 5×6 grid, players need to start by guessing a single five-letter word. The game will provide hints based on the correct letters and positions. If a Wordle box is colored green, that letter is correct and in the right position. Yellow indicated a correct letter but a wrong position, and if the box is grey it shows that the letter doesn’t belong in the correct word at all. Using this information, players continue to guess words until the correct answer is solved.


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As with many other difficult Wordle words, today’s could have players scratching their heads as it has a trick not often used in most common words. Without going into spoiler territory, today’s word isn’t used very often in normal conversation. One way to adjust the gameplay in Wordle is to activate the Hard Mode. This mode will force players to use the hints that have been previously given and lock-out letters that have been proven incorrect. Oftentimes guessing a word is easier by using two separate starting words and combining both sets of hints to progress. Hard Mode removes that opportunity and forces players to use a little more critical thinking in guessing the daily Wordle. For some, this actually makes it easier as there are no wasted steps.

Today’s Wordle Hints (April 24th #309)

Wordle April 24th 309 Hints

For those players who don’t directly want the answer to today’s Wordle, we’ve provided a few hints to help out.

  • Hint 1: There are no repeated letters in today’s answer.
  • Hint 2: This Wordle word could be caused by laziness.
  • Hint 3: Today’s answer begins with a vowel.

Today’s Wordle Answer (April 24th #309)

Wordle April 24th 309 Attempt

The April 24th Wordle word is INERT.

Inert means lacking the ability or strength to move. For our Wordle starting word, we used IRATE. This gave us a great head start and cemented the ‘I’ in the correct position, as well as provided incorrect positions for ‘R”https://screenrant.com/what-is-todays-wordle-answer-309-april-24-hints/,”T’, and ‘E’. For our second guess, we tried rearranging the incorrect letters a bit by using INTER, which means to bury in a grave. This gave us a new letter ‘N’ in the correct position and also set up the previously incorrectly placed letters. Finally, the only possible solution was INERT, which we guessed in three. This particular word could have been a lot harder had we not used a starting word that gave away the beginning, but that’s what makes Wordle so exciting.

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