You Season 4 Part 2 Moves Away From Whodunnit Formula, Teases Star


You season 4, part 2 will move away from the whodunnit formula, teases star Penn Badgley, who recognizes that the first half felt different.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for You season 4, part 1.Penn Badgley teases how the second half of You season 4 will move away from the whodunnit formula. New episodes of the Netflix series premiered on February 9 and found his character, Joe Goldberg, in London, having seemingly given up his pursuit of Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) and accepting a deal to make Love’s father think he was dead. Assuming the identity of Jonathan Moore, Joe quickly surrounded himself with a group of wealthy individuals and became the focus of the “Eat the Rich” killer, who taunted him with his past.


With a killer on his heels, You season 4, part 1 finds Joe playing detective as he seeks out the culprit. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Badgley recognizes the first half as being different, but teases that in part 2, the series will feel more familiar. Read Badgley’s comments regarding the rest of You season 4 below:

It’s not only a different city, it’s a different genre, so it feels very fish-out-of-water. I think people will find that very different but of course he’s always Joe. In Part 2, it’s sort of coming home to what the show does best after having doing the murder mystery detour.

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What To Expect From Part 2 Of You Season 4

Penn Badgley in You season 4. 

Joe never cleared Rhys of suspicion, but the two did appear to share a connection, which makes the ending of You season 4, part 1 all the more compelling. After seeing Rhys on the news announcing that he would be running for mayor of London, Joe decided to stop him. While Love (Victoria Pedretti) was able to challenge Joe to a certain extent, Rhys may prove tougher to beat. His ability to get inside Joe’s head with the anonymous messages, not to mention breaking into his apartment, suggests that Joe may have a harder time outsmarting him. He even appeared out of his element trying to discover who the “Eat the Rich” killer was.

Rhys explained that his original plan was to frame Joe for the murders, which he can still do. It will be interesting to see what action Joe takes, considering both Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and Roald (Ben Wiggins) would believe him following the events of the new episodes. When part 2 of You season 4 premieres in March, Joe could decide to kill Rhys or expose him for what he has done, though he will need evidence.

Part 2 might also see Joe and Kate’s relationship evolve, after You teased their potential romance, but then it is worth considering if Marienne will be back. Joe followed Kate closely for a while, but that was because he felt she was in danger. His feelings for her have not necessarily turned into an obsession yet, and it will be interesting to see if he still thinks that way about Marienne, especially if he were to see her again. Those eager to find out what else will happen when You season 4 returns can be sure to check it out next month.

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