Your Ultimate Summer to Fall Transition Style Guide



Well, well, well…hello there Fall! Oh, how we have missed your layers, amazingly rich color palette, spicy fragrances, cozy fireplace moments and don’t forget your “warm me all over” seasonal cocktails! Summer has gone and we are seeing you again in all of your bold glory! 

Fall is here and while we are planning to change along with the season, let’s talk about transitioning from the heat of Summer…smoothly. The ability to go from one season to the next with little to no change? Come on and bring it!

Your Ultimate Summer to Fall Transition Style Guide

how to transition your pieces from summer to style add layering pieces

A Trend Review

Every “Curvy Boss” wants to look powerful, stunning, and don’t forget sexy. Fall can make any woman feel fierce! The freshness of the air, the color reveal of nature and the endless styling options. How can you not love this time of year? This Fall, colors are everything! Unlike past seasons, this Autumn season is going to be hooked on really bold statement pieces, all-over color ensembles, saturated shades, and color blocking. The trend this season is full of life and creativity. It speaks to a global need for rejuvenation and refreshment! The use of color is by far one of the greatest healing mechanisms on the planet. Research has shown that by adding color to your wardrobe and even your environment, a person can feel energized. Much of the time, individuals that suffer from depression and anxiety wear or are surrounded by the absence of vibrant color. I believe that from what we have been experiencing globally – from the Pandemic to Political injustices, fashion experts decided, “Let’s celebrate life!” and made the decision to influence the masses to walk with power, in enjoyment and live!

The Transition

So, how do you transition from one season to the next? Many would put their clothes from the last season away in storage. I suggest that this season, to not be in a rush to store away your summer brightness or signature “summertime” pieces. Here are few transition tips along with looks that you may want to consider this Fall.

The Layered Look – Since we are embracing colors, keep the tank tops, t-shirts and even lounge sets that you love and add layers. Fall is all about layering so grab hold of your cardigan sweaters, dusters, kimonos and even suit jackets and make it work! Add a scarf to your favorite lounge set along with denim jacket.

fall transition look the layered look
Look #1: Layered – Bohemian Batik Dress Creations Big Kimono Long Duster; Plus Wrap Curved Hem Cami; “Autumn” Fedora; Ettika Medallion Lanat Necklace; Dooney & Bourke City Barlow Bag; Red Wide Leg Elastic Waist Pant; Torre Camel Colored Mules

Keep Your Denim Your denim collection should never go away completely, so keep those knee length shorts, add some fabulous knee length boots and strut your stuff! Even your denim vests can work with the new season. Add a long sleeve shirt or blouse underneath for a pop of necessary color!

fall transition look transition and signature pieces
Look #2: Transition and Signature Pieces – Peruvian Connection Multi-Colored Via Ragatta Striped Duster Cardigan; Knee Length Denim Shorts; Shop Style Racer Back Mini Dress; Schutz Women’s Magalli Pointed Toe Tall Leather Boots; Givenchy Antigona Chain Bag; Chunky Cuban Bracelet; Key & Lock Drop Earrings

Hold on to Your Signature Summertime Pieces Don’t retire your racer back dresses, maxi dresses or even your midi bodycon dresses! Not just yet! Use them to your fashion benefit! That same racer back dress can now double as a top with a jacket or sweater over it. Now if you have wild summertime floral patterns that should only be worn on a resort, then please spare us and put them away! If you have pieces that can go with the Fall palette of deep reds, burnt oranges, vibrant greens, plums, purples, and don’t forget earth tones such as chocolate brown and steel grey, then stick with those!

Saturated, Sassy Shades – A splash of color is exactly what the Fall season is calling for! That canary yellow clutch that you rocked over the Summer, keep it! Add a fall inspired broach and work it! Have a cute pair of fuchsia pumps? Well, believe it or not but the color fuchsia is making a bold statement this Fall! Add a fuchsia jacket over all black and hit your own personal runway with this saturation of color! Remember that baby blue dress? Add a electric blue floor length coat and really step out!

fall transition look saturated shades
Look #3: Color Saturation – Baby Blue Plus Bandage Sculpt Midi Dress; Electric Blue Trench; Aquazzura Fenix 105 Pump; NABROT Rhinestone Choker

Color Block Me – Color blocking has made its appearance once again this Fall season. What a fun way to dress and look stunningly gorgeous! That same bright one color midi dress that you dared to wear this Summer, wear it again with an entirely different color pant. Be even daring and pair it with another color jacket. Color blocking is limitless and that is exactly how our mindset should be when it comes to our lives. Colorful, creative and limitless!  

Accessorize! – This Fall, accessorize and have fun with it! Certain accessories scream “FALL” like hats, scarves, purses, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc…JStyle District specializes in bold colored fedora hats that are a must have this season. Colors like “Autumn”, “Merlot” and even “Kobe” Yellow are a great addition to any outfit.

Purchase Easy to Transition Pieces – So you see that the theme of this article speaks to smooth transitions, right? Well, when you are purchasing your pieces this Fall, think about other seasons too! The fashion industry is so repetitive that the best thing any woman can do is to purchase wisely and take good care of their clothes!

So many times we trash our clothes or buy cheap for the sake of getting a good deal. Our “sale items” are not quality made and may only last us a few washes in the washing machine. For really smooth transitions, keep your clothes right! For some pieces, hand wash as directed! For others, hang dry just because! We live in a different world where things are always changing – especially since the pandemic. Take care of you and your wardrobe!


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  • Denis Ava

    Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.


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