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Found deep in the corner of the hostile Gerudo Desert in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Motsusis Shrine is particularly hard to reach. While the Shrine has no puzzles, players must navigate through the South Lomei Labyrinth, a Gloom-filled maze, to find it. However, there are ways to get through the maze or even to get around it.


To find the South Lomei Labyrinth and the Motsusis Shrine, players should journey to the Gerudo Highlands. The Labyrinth is located directly south of East Gerudo Mesa and west of Mount Granajh at coordinates -1797, -3338, 0071. Players should be able to find it on their maps easily if they have completed TOTK’s Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. In fact, players can reach the Labyrinth by gliding southeast from the tower itself.

How To Solve The South Lomei Labyrinth Maze

The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Link Looking Down At South Lomei Labyrinth And Motsusis Shrine

The Gerudo Desert and Highlands are tricky regions to visit, as players will need heat resistance to survive the extreme daytime temperatures and cold resistance to survive at night. On top of that, the South Lomei Labyrinth is filled with patches of Gloom, which can reduce Link’s overall health. Therefore, learning how to resist Gloom in Zelda: TOTK is essential.

The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom South Lomei Labyrinth Maze Solution To Reach Motsusis Shrine

The first way to find the Motsusis Shrine is to get through the maze by following the route marked on the map above. Near the entrance, players will find a research log from a missing explorer who helpfully left a trail for others to follow. After that, the trail of nuts will guide players through the maze to the center where the Shrine is located. To get through the maze:

  • Follow the rightmost path from the entrance and head left around the corner.
  • Cross the Gloom patch and head straight towards a second abandoned campsite. Head left up the stairs just before it.
  • Take the first right, cross the mound of sand, and head to the end of the corridor. Head right up the stairs.
  • Link will emerge in a small open room. Head through the door on the left to spot an acorn on a diagonal path to the left. Head towards it.
  • Take the second right past the acorn and take the first left.
  • Head up and down the stairs to find a third abandoned campsite. Take a right, climb over the sand mound at the end of the hall, and head left.
  • Drop down past the two lanterns and head straight towards the big patches of Gloom. Climb or glide around them and head around the corner.
  • Head straight down to the end and turn left around the corner.
  • Climb up towards the ledge over the Gloom, jump down the other side, and glide down beneath the ledge to find an entrance. A fourth and final campsite can be found here, and the Shrine will be down a level on the left.

However, for players with stamina and ingenuity, there are easier ways to reach the Motsusis Shrine.

How To Reach The Motsusis Shrine Without Going Through The Maze

The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom South Lomei Labyrinth Motsusis Shrine Entrance Map Location

The easiest way to get to the Motsusis Shrine is to bypass the Labyrinth entirely by getting to the top of the maze, crossing over to the point marked above, and gliding down to the Shrine entrance. There are many ways to reach higher platforms in Zelda: TOTK, including gliding from nearby cliffs, using the updrafts from campfires, creating Zonai machines, or even just climbing the labyrinth walls. Climbing requires up to two full stamina wheels, but the top of the maze is generally easy to reach.

Inside, players can find the Motsusis Shrine, which is actually a Rauru’s Blessing Shrine. As such, players don’t need to solve any puzzles and can claim both a Large Zonai Charge and one of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Lights of Blessing immediately.

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    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the anticipated follow-up to Breath of the Wild, released in 2017. A rare occurrence in Zelda titles, Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel instead of loosely connected. In Tears of the Kingdom, Link will take to the skies and learn about a mysterious kingdom in the clouds. Additionally, he will discover the secrets of the dark ones that dwell below and above the earth. The sequel is being built on the same engine as the original, with unique physics tools again being utilized. However, little about the plot and gameplay is known.

    How Long To Beat:
    35-50 hours

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


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