The Advantages and Disadvantages of Zeon Zoysia


The zeon zoysia is one of the few sod types that may be utilized on both golf courses and lawns. It has been noticed that it can live in various conditions, which is why it is found in several countries throughout the world. It may also be used for sports turfs with modest foot traffic and is widely used in the landscaping industry to make stunning landscapes. But, before you buy this sod grass, you need to understand what you’re getting into. We’ve summarized the benefits and drawbacks so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

Zeon Zoysia Needs Less Maintenance

The benefit of buying this from the companies like Atlanta Sod Farms is that it is low-maintenance. In comparison to other grasses, it requires less fertilizer and irrigation. It only requires one pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet during the growing season. However, if you want to keep the green hue throughout the winter, you’ll need to fertilize it in the fall. It’s very low-maintenance, requiring just 1/2 to 1 inch of water each week to flourish. You don’t need to mow it as frequently because it grows swiftly horizontally and slowly vertically because it grows quickly horizontally and slowly vertically.

Attractive and Long-Lasting

It is the most prevalent warm-season grass. It has a dark-green carpet-like look that tempts people to buy it. If you want grass that can withstand a lot of foot traffic, this is a great option. Because of its thickness, high traffic does not harm it. If the weed starts to grow, it is also choked out. This Sod may survive in coastal settings because of its salt tolerance. The zoysia thrives in direct sunshine, but it also tolerates shadow, making it one of the most long-lasting sods.

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Dormancy & Thatches

The slight disadvantage that sets it off from the buyer’s perspective is its dormancy. This grass turns brown in the fall and stays that way until April. The other issue is the creation of thatch. When the thatch length surpasses one inch, you must work on it with a mix of vertical mowing and aerification. If you want your grass to recover fast, aerify it in the summer. It will enable easy access to water and air in the soil.

High Tolerance

One of the most significant benefits of zoysia is its high tolerance level. It has a high level of resistance to droughts and other weather conditions. It may go dormant in cold conditions, but it will revert to its normal color when it receives adequate water and sunlight. We’ll make it simple for you if you’re looking for where to get zeon zoysia. You can buy it from the best Sod companies, like Atlanta Sod Farms. They have been providing excellent services and supplying consumers with the highest quality sods.

Difficult to grow and Mow 

The sluggish growth rate of this grass is one of the challenges in installing it. You will need to wait 2-3 years for it to reach its full potential. However, after the grass has been established, mowing with a rotatory blade would be difficult due to the heavy leaves. The engine will likely be destroyed if you use a rotary mower to cut the zoysia. But don’t panic; employing a reel mower may be the solution to your troubles. It will help you in obtaining the desired results. There are several factors to consider when purchasing Sod, but you don’t have to go through it alone. With the assistance of this blog post, you can conclude and determine whether the zeon zoysia is the appropriate decision for you. 

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Suitable for Walking Barefoot

Suppose you are a nature lover who enjoys sitting on your lawn for hours to enjoy some peace and greenery. You will be able to stroll barefoot on the grass while enjoying and relaxing since Zeon Zoysia is barefoot friendly. Zeon Zoysia also has excellent shade, which means that the grass will appear healthy and lovely even in direct sunshine. So, if you want simple grass to care for, smells better, and has a deeper color, Zeon Zoysia is the way to make your space more appealing and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Zoysia grass is the most shade tolerant?

Zeon Zoysia grass has consistently outperformed other cultivars when cultivating warm-season turf under shade. Zeon Zoysiagrass is well-known among both households and professionals.

Does regular mowing cause grass to thicken?

Mowing causes your grass to thicken because hormones at the tip of each blade restrict horizontal growth. When you mow the lawn, you remove these tips, enabling the grass or Sod to spread and thicken towards the roots.

Can you overwater zoysia grass?

The grass should not be overwatered. Zoysia grass only needs around 1 inch of water per week. Water for longer periods, less often, and early in the morning.

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