5 Tips To Attract Customers To Your New Shop


You have got the loan needed to open your new shop in the mall or on the high street. Great! You have a business plan in place and have staff lined up to take the roles needed to make your shop a success

Now, all you need is the customers. Yes, it may sound easy, but attracting people to a new shop is not as simple as it seems. Many people can and do shop online, so your store has to have something unique and interesting to offer.

So, how can you hope to attract more people to your store? Read on for some guidance.

A Bold Sign

You want your business to be spotted easily, so the first thing you will need is a bold sign. This can be tricky to design yourself unless you have a degree in graphic design, so it is well worth hiring creative sign experts to help with this. 

Then, you have to think about the position of the sign; do you want it at the top of the shop or midway down the window? Do you also want a 3D option? Do you want the sign to be backlit? A lot to consider, and a lot to plan, so this is one area that is crucial to attracting people to your shop.

An Attractive Window Display

Research into sales in stores has found that having an attractive window display goes a long way to attracting people to your store. Have you ever walked past a bookstore and seen a layout showcasing books on green or red velvet with lights overhead, highlighting the books? This is going to work better than simply having the books stacked in the window where people cannot see them. 

So, experiment with different window displays and, if possible, ask for feedback from people walking past your store.

An Online Store With In-Store Pick Up

A lot of stores in malls or on high streets are able to offer online purchases and in-store pick-up. This is an effective way to get people to come into your store and have a look around as they wait for their order to be bought out.

In a similar vein, you can showcase items online that are listed as ‘only available in-store,’ which will certainly increase traffic if the product is genuinely desirable!

Host Events

Have you ever walked past a shop and seen a sign that says ‘workshop held here at 1 pm Tuesdays’ or something similar?

Hosting events, even if they are not directly related to what you sell in your store, can be a great way to bring people to your shop. If your store has a social media page, then you should post the events on your page and make sure you have a sign created for the front of your shop that is eye-catching, with all of the information displayed clearly.

Have Friendly Staff

Most people have visited a shop and have been put off from going back to it due to a member of staff.

Of course, some customers can be difficult on purpose, but if you have staff members who are not engaging with customers, do not smile, or appear to have a bad attitude, this is not going to help your new shop. Aim to send your shop staff to training courses before they begin working on the shop floor, as this will help to provide the best service for your customers.

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