Hiring a Wyoming Personal Injury lawyer: Ask the right questions


You have suffered an injury in Wyoming because another person chose to be reckless and negligent. Like other states, Wyoming also has a statute of limitations that caps the time limit to four years for personal injury lawsuits. Just because the deadline seems longer doesn’t mean you should wait for that long to take action. Before you take the first step, consider hiring a Wyoming personal injury attorney, and below are some questions to ask when you visit a law firm.

“What is your initial assessment of my claim?”

You are the claimant; therefore, you should prove that the other party is liable for your injuries. Lawyers need to investigate a case in detail before they can give certain answers. However, based on the initial evidence and the circumstances of a case, a skilled lawyer should be able to provide a proper perspective on what to expect when you file the claim. Just knowing the worth of your case is a great start.

“What is your experience with such cases?”

A car accident case is vastly different from a premise liability claim. Each type of personal injury case requires a specific approach, and you should find an attorney who has handled similar claims in the past. Ask the attorney about how they won (or lost) such cases in the past and whether they have a reasonable success rate. The lawyer will also tell you about the factors that are likely to affect your settlement, such as your share in the fault.

“What would be your fee? Will you guide me on other expenses?”

Injury lawyers in Wyoming don’t have an hourly or retainer rate. A lawyer will ask for a share in the settlement, which not only says that your claim is worthy, but you don’t have to pay an upfront fee. The contingency fee should be discussed in the engagement letter. There are other expenses that may relate to the case, for which the lawyer must give a ballpark in advance.

“How can I get updates on the case?”

The relationship between a lawyer and a client is based on trust and transparency, and communication is a crucial aspect you cannot ignore. Make sure that you have access to your lawyer or at least their team to get updates on the case. Ask them for a contact number and discuss how often you should contact them.


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