5 Tips To Maximize the Impact of street signs for Branding of Your Company


Road signs are a good way to deliver a huge amount of information within a very short time.

  • You can grab a driver’s attention.
  • People can easily understand you.
  • The number of leads can increase significantly within a short time.

It’s time to know how you can use these signs for an effective marketing plan.


  1. Being precise

Advertisers are always tempted to pack as much information as possible in the advertisements. But that is not the best way with the road signs. Why make unappealing signs that the people driving by can’t even read properly.

  • Keeping the messages short will be good for increasing the readability.
  • Drivers don’t have time to read lengthy messages. So, precise taglines work the best.

A good rule of thumb will be to keep the messages within three and eight words.


  1. Simple visuals


  • Bold
  • Basic
  • Big

These are the three keywords that you must remember while choosing the visual for the street signsIt must be big enough to ensure that the photo or artwork present on the sign is easily visible.


Using a high-resolution photo is important as it will be recognizable up to a larger size. A regular photo will simply break up into the pixels that make the image appear blurry.


Seek help from the professionals to experience the perfect designing of the road signs and request to use the best photos and artwork that will represent the company in its best form. Company name also plays important role in branding. Business name, real estate company names, Industry name should be best.

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  1. Using contrast colors


If you really want the signs to pop up significantly and draw the attention of the passers-by invariably, then you should certainly emphasize the use of contrasting colors. One light color if the background and one bright one for the write-up or artwork will be enough.


You can add one-third color at the most, as more than three colors will unnecessarily add to the clutter and make the sign appear clumsy. Too many colors can cause the focus to bounce back. So, please keep it simple.


  1. One message

If you try to put in more than one piece of information on the road signs, it will add to the confusion, and people will dump off the concept as soon as possible. But once you are particular about sending one short message through the sign, it will add importance to your branding plan.


  1. Necessary information


Put only what is necessary to share with the potential customers. You cannot deny the fact that it is not possible for anyone to read and keep in mind a lot of information from just one glance.


So always make sure to put in the minimal message that is necessary to contact your company or define the company and brand.


Recruit the experts


It is possible to go for perfect branding using the road signs only when you have the right designer at your aid. So pick the experienced experts who have the idea and knowledge to design such effective road signs to ensure maximum focus on your brand or a particular product. It is necessary, especially when you are launching a new product.

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Originally posted 2022-03-02 07:42:32.

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