7 Things Look for When Choosing Vape Kits for Your Retail Business


Vaping has become a popular trend over the years, and with its popularity, many manufacturers have emerged, offering various vape kits to suit every individual’s needs. Choosing a vape kit that works best can be a daunting task, with so many options available in the market. For beginners or experienced vapers alike, there are certain factors best suited to individual preferences when selecting the perfect vape. Whether you are looking for a vape kit tailored to meet the demands of your local market or are seeking various products for your online catalog, these are the 7 most common factors sought in today’s market.

1. Advantages of Having Your Own Custom Whitelabel Vape Manufactured

Having your own custom whitelabel vape manufactured has numerous advantages. When you have your vape kit manufactured, you can customize it to meet your specific needs. A custom whitelabel vape manufacturer can design a vape kit that suits your unique requirements, including the size, shape, colour, and features. You can also brand your vape kit with your company logo, giving it a unique touch that sets it apart from other vape kits in the market. Furthermore, having your own custom vape kit manufactured can give you a competitive advantage, making it easier to stand out from the competition.

2. Type of Vape Kit

The type of vape kit chosen is based on personal preferences and needs. There are different types of vape kits, including pod systems, all-in-one kits, and box mod kits. Pod systems are small and compact, making them perfect for beginners. All-in-one kits are easy to use and come with everything someone needs to start vaping. Box mod kits are more advanced and allow users to customize their vaping experience. Having a variety of whitelabel (branded) products to meet the needs and experience levels of a wide range of consumers will keep them moving.

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3. Battery Life

The battery life of a vape kit is an essential factor to consider when choosing a vape kit. The battery life will determine how long the vaping device can be used before it needs recharging. When planned for extended use, vape kits with a longer battery life are preferable. Some vape kits come with replaceable batteries, which can be an advantage as you can carry extra batteries in your catalog as well.

4. Coil Resistance

The coil resistance of a vape kit is the measure of how much resistance the coil offers to the electric current flowing through it. The lower the coil resistance, the more power it requires to heat the coil, resulting in more vapour production. However, low coil resistance also means more e-liquid consumption and faster battery drain. On the other hand, high coil resistance results in less vapour production and slower battery drain. This is something your customers may not understand, so helping them choose the right resistance can be a key selling point.

5. Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of a vape kit determines how much e-liquid it can hold. If they plan to use their vape device frequently, they should choose one with a larger tank capacity to reduce the number of refills needed in a short period of time. However, larger tank capacity also means a larger and heavier vape kit. These are all important considerations when helping new vapers choose the right device for their daily vaping habits. 

6.  Airflow Control

Airflow control is an essential feature in a vape kit as it affects the amount of air that passes through the coil, affecting the vapour production and flavour. A vape kit with adjustable airflow control allows users to customize their vaping experience to suit their preferences. If they prefer tighter draws, a vape device with tighter airflow control is essential, and if they prefer more vapour production, they should choose a vape kit with more open airflow control.

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7. Price

The price of a vape kit is an essential factor to consider when selling vape kits. Since they come in a wide range of prices, the cost will depend on the type of vape kit and features involved. Also, you will want to keep vape kits that suit various budgets so that there will always be something for customers having literally any size budget. However, as in any kind of merchandising, prices do tend to reflect quality, so keep that in mind as well.

Putting It All Together

Choosing the right vape kit is essential for a fulfilling vaping experience. With this in mind, keeping a wide variety of vape kits in your catalog can help you reach the broadest consumer base. Having your own custom whitelabel vape manufactured has numerous advantages, including customization, branding, and a competitive advantage. By considering these factors, you can stock vape kits that suit your consumers’ preferences, experience levels, and daily vaping habits. 

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