How to Create an Attractive Benefits Package for Your Company


Whether you have one position to fill in your company or several dozen, the best way to find the top talent is by offering a competitive benefits package. While salary is important, that really only accounts for a percentage of the overall earnings of a highly skilled professional. Actually, most professionals look closer at a company’s benefits than they do the proposed salary. Many have even said that a good benefits package can be more important than their starting salary. If you have yet to create a benefits package for your business, here are some tips on designing an attractive package that will yield the best results when recruiting.

Make Health Insurance a Priority

Healthcare has long been a controversial subject in the United States and although Obamacare did much to provide insurance to a greater number of people, it still proved to be a broken system. Since those early days in Obama’s tenure as president, there have been many changes and even more controversy on how to fix a broken system. It was still apparent that millions of citizens were without adequate health insurance, if any, and something needed to be fixed. It goes without saying that health insurance is the most important benefit today’s employees seek and with the rising cost of coverage, a greater emphasis was focused on preventative medicine. After all, if people are healthy, they don’t need as many medical services, prescription drugs and treatments.

Supplemental Preventative Health from the OTC Network

With a greater focus on prevention, many employers are comparing supplemental insurance in the OTC network. By comparing Nations Benefits with other supplemental healthcare products, it has been possible to find better OTC network benefits that include healthy eating choices. This is in addition to other types of benefits aimed at better health to avoid the high cost of medical treatment. With healthy eating ranking among the best ways to avoid illness, OTC network coverage is a sought after benefit by employees and employers alike. A certain amount of money is preloaded on a Healthy Eating card which enables the holder to buy certain foods on the healthy eating list.

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Financial Incentives

Next on the list of benefits sought after by today’s business professionals would be those financial incentives aimed at retirement plans and savings accounts. With funds being matched by employers, employees are contributing greater amounts but some of these packages assess a penalty if funds are withdrawn early. Not all plans have matching benefits contributed by employers, but these are the ones preferred by candidates when applying for open positions.

Invest in Training and Education

One final perk that many employers are offering is funds for further training and/or education. Not only does this help the employee to rise on the corporate ladder but the advanced training is a plus for any organization seeking growth through such things as advanced technology. By investing in the education of employees, businesses are making investments in their own futures as well. Any time a company invests in their valued employees, they are investing in their own business as well. 

From expanded health benefits to personal financial products for employees, it is possible to create an attractive benefits package that could very well be that one factor that brings today’s businesses into the future. In other words, by investing in their employees, companies are investing in their future as well. It’s a win for everyone involved.

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