3 Clever Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Business


What qualities come to your mind when you think about real estate agents? They are friendly, informative, and of course, a master at networking. They know about everyone in town. How is this possible? And why do they network so well? They are so good at it because the success of their business depends on who they know. Therefore, it is no surprise that they spend time cultivating their relationships with others. Whether having completed their real estate course, certificate of registration NSW, or otherwise, agents are trained to cultivate good relationships. Continue reading this article to find valuable tips that will help you network better and, in turn, will boost your real estate business. 

Be A Card Taker: People like people who listen to them. When you listen to others and show genuine interest in their work, people are likely to remember you. Therefore, any time you have the chance to help out a local business, do your best. As they say, no good deed ever goes unnoticed. When you take a business card from someone, you get to provide your card to them. This simple exchange helps you grow more and create a stronger bond with others. 

  • People may ignore the business ads, as they do with so many advertisements. But when you collect and provide a business card to someone, they are likely to remember you. 
  • Taking a business card from local businesses will help you catalog a neighborhood. Any time you show a client a new house, you can tell them about the local businesses. If they ask for recommendations, you are there to present them with a business card. It will show that you know a lot about the neighborhood, and clients will trust your judgment better. 

Join A Local Organization: Join a local group if you want to get to know people (and want them to know you). It doesn’t matter what group you join, as long as it is legal and widespread. For example, you may join a local small business group or a local birdwatching group. The goal of joining these groups is to let people know that you care about the community. These days, most groups have an online presence. If you don’t have the time to be physically present, you can start by joining online. Having an active online presence helps you mingle with new people and learn valuable information about them. 

  • Do not focus on sales when mingling with people in these groups. If they learn that your goal is to sell a house and not spend time with them, they will start avoiding you. 
  • Pick a group that aligns with your interests. In doing so, you will have a good time while mingling with new people. 

Use Modern Technology: Meeting new people is essential to growing your business. But it is equally vital to keep in touch with the old clients. Many agents use real estate transaction coordinator software to keep track of the old clients. Birthday wishes and polite greetings can go a long way. If the past clients feel that their agent cares about them, they will likely recommend his name to their friends and family.

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