Top 5 Things You Have to Know Before Getting a Rabbit


With Easter fast approaching, amidst the celebrations and chocolate one awful but tragically annually repeated fact is that during this time animal shelters and rescue centers see a surge in rabbits being abandoned across the length and breadth of the country and beyond. 

So, if you are considering bringing a beautiful bunny into your home, please continue reading to learn of the top five things you have to know before getting a rabbit. 

  • Bunnies Need Space, Space & More Space

One of the most abusive yet shamefully common acts that bunny owners engage in is to keep their rabbits imprisoned in a small and woefully inadequate hutch. The experts at Kip dog day care Melbourne state that this is one of the most common misconceptions about keeping any sort of pet.

Contrary to uneducated belief, rabbits need to be both physically and mentally stimulated when they are not sleeping and therefore need ample space to exercise, play, learn and explore

Ideally, you should endeavor to train your bunnies to become entirely ‘free roam’, providing you have sufficiently rabbit proofed each room in your home. Rabbits are naturally clean animals and can be easily litterbox trained, even if you are planning on adopting an older bunny. 

  • Bunnies Should Live Indoors

As mentioned above, rabbits should ideally live together with the rest of your family in the comfort, space and social atmosphere of your home rather than in the harsh weather conditions they would experience outside.

If you are absolutely insistent that you want to keep your rabbits outside, you must commit to promising yourself and your bunnies that when the fall and winter weather changes, you will bring them inside. 

  • Bunnies Need Company

Rabbits are incredibly compassionate, loving, and altogether social animals who, in their natural environment in the wild, live in a family-style setting and form close and intuitive bonds with the other members of their warren.

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Except in the rare cases where adopted bunnies have experienced hardship and trauma and simply are unable to live with another rabbit, you must always adopt bunnies in a pair, or else bond two bunnies who previously have never lived together as soon as possible. 

  • Bunnies Need an Experienced Rabbit Vet

Rabbits have incredibly sensitive stomachs and furthermore are entirely unable to vomit. Simply put, this means that whatever they chew and swallow needs to be carefully monitored, as if left undetected, consuming something outside of their regular diet could prove fatal. 

It is for this reason that it is absolutely crucial to ensure you register your rabbits with a reputable and renowned veterinary practice, such as vet Cumming GA, who can provide professional assistance in ensuring that should you need to bring your rabbit in on an emergency basis, they will be well taken care of. 

  • Bunnies Have Individual Personalities

The only people who truly know, understand, and fully appreciate the scope of character, personality, and frankly downright cheekiness and mischief running through the veins of rabbits are those people who have formed a strong and loving mutual bond and connection with one. 

The more time you spend learning your rabbit’s behavior, the stronger your bond, and the more you will come to realize how fantastic and fascinating bunny rabbits are.

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