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Everyone who has children or children around them knows how important it is for children to be healthy and fit. Children can be annoying and irritating at times and they never run out of energy, and parents of toddlers just cannot sit for a minute because children don’t let them. It can be very tiring for parents to take care of little children all the time because they can’t sit in peace.

But when they get sick, it is hard for everyone to watch them low in energy and in pain. And it is even more difficult for parents to communicate with children because they can not tell what they feel and what they want. In this situation, every parent needs a good pediatrician for their children, who knows the history of a child and the child is comfortable with him.

Who is a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in children’s anatomy and health. Pediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat children with illnesses, development, and growth. A child needs a pediatrician from the time it is born and throughout the adolescent age. They treat every child according to their needs because every child is different and has different immunity.

What does a pediatrician do?

Pediatricians diagnose and treat children’s health issues. They keep a child’s record and treat every child according to their needs. They are trained to make children comfortable with them so they know what exactly a child is suffering from. Many times parents are unable to communicate with their children and cannot understand what their child is going through and what needs to be done in this situation. A pediatrician can communicate and can tell the problem a child is suffering from.

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Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is the best hospital in Multan for pediatrics. These are some services provided by them:

Physical screenings

Pediatricians at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) do the needed tests and physical examinations of children according to their age and health. These physical tests are necessary for children and they can prevent children from many potential diseases and health issues.


Children need to get vaccinated for several viruses and infections. Children are supposed to get vaccinated for measles, polio, and rubella and a pediatrician immunizes children to protect them from these diseases. They keep the medical record of the child and know when to give the next vaccination to a child.  Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) is the best hospital in Multan for allergies treatment with their allergy clinic.  

Take care of child’s development

Every child grows at its own pace, every child has different immunity and different levels of growth. Some children grow fast and some take more time than others. Pediatricians at MASH know what kind of growth is normal and when to step in if the child is not developing according to its age. Pediatrician knows how a child should grow and develop physically and mentally and they prescribe the diet plan and nutrients to the parents according to every child’s need.

Treats allergies and infections

Children are more prone to catch infections and viruses, they can also be allergic to some things by birth. Pediatricians diagnose these infections and allergies for children to provide them better treatment according to their needs and immunity. As mentioned above MASH is the best hospital in Multan for allergies treatment and one of the best hospitals in South Punjab.

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Hearing screenings for newborns

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital also offers the service of hearing screening for newborn babies. Many children in Pakistan are born with hearing disabilities, MASH is making sure that no child lives with this pain of lack of hearing which can lead to the disability. They have started the cochlear implant program for children to provide them with ear machines to listen properly.

Spring clinic    

They have a whole different setup for mental health treatment for children named spring clinic. They deal with every kind of mental illness there, many children suffer from traumas and lack of confidence. Their qualified team helps children with mental health issues with their expertise in therapy and medication. Many children have issues while speaking, for this, they have speech therapists to help children who have speech issues.

Asthma clinic

Many children have respiratory issues by birth, they need extra and intensive care. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital has an asthma clinic for children with asthma and respiratory issues. They have the latest and modern equipment in the asthma clinic.

All these services make Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital the best hospital in Multan and one of the best private hospitals in South Punjab. 

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