A Simple Guide to Turning Classic Kids’ Party Games into Adult Versions


When organizing a party for your friends at home, you could, of course, go down the classic, more traditional route of holding a dinner party.

However, if you want a more entertaining, fun, and substantially more adult-themed party, where children are most definitely not allowed, then you have come to the right place. Here is a simple guide to turning classic kids’ party games into adult versions. 

Musical Chairs

An absolute classic of a children’s party game and one which is hilariously fun as adults, especially when the drinks are flowing, is that of Musical Chairs. 

Whether you are arranging an office party and want to get everyone involved to be comfortable and relax in each other’s presence or are thinking on Boxing Day once the children are safely tucked away in bed, Musical Chairs mixed with cocktails is the dream!

Truth or Dare

Another belter of a child’s game which can be hilarious, not to mention quite revealing, when you play in a room full of adults is that of Truth or Dare. For the dare segment, think of embarrassing or risky challenges you can dare your friends to do, such as sending their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend a text message saying how much they miss them; eating a banana seductively and filming it; or letting the person next to them post a sexual status on Facebook. 

Some entertaining truth questions could include:

  • What is the largest age gap between you and your partner?
  • Have you ever filmed a sex tape?
  • What is your favorite position?
  • What is your biggest turn-off?

Pass the Parcel

Perfect for a bachelorette weekend, or indeed the night before your best friend marries her fiancé, a games night with the girls would never be complete without a game of Pass the Parcel, with decidedly more adult-themed gifts than at a children’s party. 

Fantastically affordable and comprehensive suppliers of such items, My Amazing Fantasy has a great selection of ideal final gifts for a game of Pass the Parcel with the girls! 


The beloved and simple-to-learn card game of Rummy is one that is loved by people of all ages, but if you are looking for a way to spice up an after-dinner card game whilst you all enjoy your cheeseboards, consider Strip Rummy instead. 

When a person loses their hand, they need to take an item of clothing off, and where you end the game is entirely up to you!

Strip Snap

Finally, another card game which can easily be turned into an adult, over-21s-only version is that of snap, which is possibly the quickest way to get everyone mingling and encourage them to lose their inhibitions. 

Each time a person loses a card due to not being quick enough off of the bat to shout “snap,” they take a shot from a bottle, and if after the game ends and a winner is crowned, everyone has to take a shot apart from the proud winner!

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