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If you’re in search of the perfect bar cart for your small areas, this post is for you. I am a huge fan of a Bar Cart but unfortunately, I do not have one in my apartment due to my children who are likely to be pushing around the entire place! This could be a huge accident. It’s okay, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have my own bar! Today, I’m going to talk about some ideas for alternative bar carts for smaller Spaces and also what could be used as a practical bar cart.

There are numerous creative bar cart concepts to consider right now. If you already have an existing cart, there are many bar cart options users are seeking to use the cart. And not just for alcohol. I would like to share my bar carts that are inexpensive and ways to get an Bar Cabinet or the console table my one with multiple shelves that can be used as furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. The thing I like about having an oversized console table to create the bar is that it’s adaptable. You can use it as a place to mix up your decor with it, from serving ware/drinkware to plates, and obviously your liquor. This is a fantastic option in case you’re pressed for space and are looking for something that will work inside your home.


I found this lovely furniture piece at Home Goods a few years ago , and it has been used in my house perfectly. In comparison to the cost of bar carts, this piece of furniture cost 1/3 less, and it’s also multi-functional. It’s also been wonderful to decorate the house for Christmas or to serve food over it, and then add my personal touch each season. It’s multi-functional, which is the reason I felt it was well in the dining room.

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Other options besides an aforementioned console table include cabinetry, buffets as well as shelves. These are great for rooms with small space and are able to hold lots of. Buffets are typically for serving dishes, but you could include your glassware and liquor alongside your food items.

In the event that I’m hosting a party. I’ll leave it decorated over the top by putting up frames arches and a lovely tray that has candles. If I’m hosting a celebration or get-together, this is where I prefer to put my food items or drinks that are simple. And quick to find because everyone gathers in the dining room during my gatherings.

It’s an area to serve as a buffet in which I can keep glasses and plates to serve food and appetizers in addition to making hosting a meal much more convenient. Than having to run into the kitchen to grab the things I require. Here are a few things I prefer to keep in the display area for future use:


I purchased this wine rack to store my wine in the lower center of my table. I keep my spirits in the middle with my wines grouped together, and that’s nearly the entire bottle area I require. We don’t drink heavily so we only keep a couple of basic bottles and are fine with this!


I made use of the wooden container to house some glass decanters which I usually fill with alcohol. Usually I keep them on display but I’m trying keep them out of my toddler’s eyes at this moment! The boxes hold them together and add some interest in the presentation. It is also possible to keep your cocktail shakers shot glasses, cocktail shakers, as well as any other small bar utensils required to fill your bar cart but you might not want to make them fully visible.

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For your drinks or cocktails that you’re serving I like to keep my pitchers on hand.


To make it easier to serve your guests when hosting dinner in your dining room. I’ll store any plates that aren’t regular size or small serving plates placed on the corner for easy access. I also like adding my dip and chips bowls there as well.


Since we all require something to drink our drinks from !


To serve your guests when dining out and serving beverages!


I’ll just take out the decorative pieces and then leave my leaning frames. As well as Wall Decor which I purchased from Kirkland and I’ll simply add meals or snacks to be served when it’s time for me to serve my guests.

White Cabinet can be perfect for creating an ideal minibar. There’s room for your drinks and glasses. It’s great the doors too. The wooden cabinet is great for mixing it up and add various things from glassware to bowls/plates and you can place your big bottles in the top. I like finding different ways to make your tiny space or house useful. What are ways do you would like to make furniture pieces in your home that are multi-purpose? I’d love to hear about your ideas!

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