How to Make Etsy Product Videos to Increase Sales


You have listed your product online and now want an overwhelming response. There are many ways to achieve this. You can compel the buyer with a 360-degree video showcasing the product and its features or get your existing customers to explain the benefits of your product.

Photos are not what buyers want these days. They are dull! Static images alone aren’t enough to depict the true worth of your product. Etsy product videos are the next best thing for customers shopping online. Etsy videos add a different perspective to the brand image of the product. It lets the customers gain confidence in your product or service before clicking the Buy Now button!

This article will share the steps (along with some pro-tips) on how you can create Etsy product videos to drive your sales to the top of the chart!

But why do we even need an Etsy product video?

Videos of a product can make customers interested in shopping, as they get a clear perception of what they are spending money on. Irrespective of whatever you are selling – whether it is jewellery, home decor, sports items, or even pet clothing – adding an Etsy product video to your listing will significantly change the conversion rate of browsers becoming shoppers! 

Video marketing helps persuade potential customers to make a purchase. Through your Etsy product video, you can showcase the features of your product in detail so your customers feel comfortable making the purchase.

Before jumping into creating an Etsy product video, let’s check the technical requirements for making an Etsy product listing video. 

  • Video length: The video should not exceed 5-15 seconds, and it should not have any audio once uploaded.
  • Video resolution: The video must be of high quality so that the buyer can check all the necessary details. A minimum of 1080p HD at 30fps is preferred.
  • Video format: The file size should not exceed 100 MB. Generally, all video formats are accepted for Etsy videos but create the file in MP4 or MOV formats for best results.
  • Video Editor: Using an Online Video Editor can make creating an Etsy video hassle-free as they have lots of templates you can put into use. Video editing can do wonders if done carefully and some pre-made templates can put attraction in your videos.
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Now that we have enough knowledge about Etsy video content, we can see how the possibilities of marketing your video are endless. Let’s discuss a few ideas for creating your own Etsy product video. Although your video should be short, you can still flex your creative muscles to make it sweet!

Etsy Video ideas

  • 360-degree product display video: You can’t capture all the features of your product in a 2D image. Put a 360-degree Etsy video in your listing to give the customers a complete walkthrough of the product from every angle and side! Try to include text to highlight a particular feature of the product or display its intricate details. Make sure the recording is of high resolution. Otherwise, it won’t be easy for the customer to see the details and you would be failing in your mission branding.
  • Explainer video with testimonials: Who would know your product better than the customers themselves! One of the best ways to persuade potential customers is to show your product and let existing users explain. Buyers will envision themselves as they watch other customers speak about the benefits of your product. 

This will give a confidence boost and put a strong image of your brand in the market! Sharing customer testimonials and positive reviews from the product users will be a great way to build trust between you and your upcoming customers.

  • Product demonstration video: Display your product the way you want it to be seen by the customers! A lot goes into creating the perfect product demo video. A successful shoot, a smooth and easy to use video editing tool, and a good platform to showcase the content are necessary. 
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If you are trying to sell jewellery, accessories, clothing, or shoes, they are best filmed using models so that the customers will know how the product will look and feel on them. Your video should try to depict all aspects of the product, such as the style, the quality, the size to scale, colour varieties, etc.

Video editing tips for creating an Etsy product video

Video production has been a lot more effortless after the arrival of online video makers. You can create your Etsy product video without even leaving your browser! All you need to do is search for that perfect video maker and flex your creative muscles.


  • Place all the clips in order: Avoid too many jump cuts, which can disturb the smoothness of the video. It is crucial to maintain the chronological order of the clips.
  • Cut out the unwanted portion: Not everything shot has to be included in the final video. There may be clips where the focus went wrong, or the colours don’t feel right. Make sure to cut all those portions out from the video.
  • Adding texts: You can add texts to highlight the features of the product. Don’t make texts repetitive. Otherwise, they will block the vision of the customer.
  • Add the brand’s logo: Before the video begins (pre-credit scene) or after the video ends (post-credit scene), add the logo of your brand. You can also have the logo in a corner of the video during its length.
  • Export in the correct resolution: Export the video in at least 1080p HD quality at 30 frames per second for the best viewing experience.
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Wrapping up!

We hope you now have a clear idea of how to create an Etsy product video that will help skyrocket your business. Videos are the future, and their scope in business is limitless. Use 100% of this opportunity and grow your online business in leaps and bounds.


Originally posted 2022-05-17 04:13:42.

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