Avoid these mistakes after a motorcycle accident


Some of the deadliest accidents on the road involve motorcycles and bikes. Regardless of how careful you are, you could end up in a mishap that was entirely the other party’s fault. Texas is an at-fault state. If you were hurt and endured losses due to someone’s reckless action, you have the right to get compensation. Filing a motorcycle accident claim is not always easy, especially when the other party is uninsured. Click here to get a free evaluation of your case. Here is a list of mistakes you must avoid after such a mishap.

#1 – Not calling the police

Even when the other driver tells you that calling the police is not necessary, do not listen. Always inform local law enforcement and call 911 if someone is in need of emergency care. You have to take all possible steps to protect your interests.

#2 – Fleeing the scene

The motorcycle accident may look like a minor fender bender, but you need to wait at the scene after calling the police. An investigating officer will come to gather details and will make a police report, which is essential for your claim.

#3 – Not collecting data

Unless you are seriously injured or cannot move, use the time to gather evidence from the accident scene. Take pictures and video footage of everything around you, including damaged vehicles, license plate numbers, road conditions, and traffic lights.

#4 – Not informing the insurance company

You must inform your insurer soon after the motorcycle accident. This step is essential if you want to file a first-party claim, which might be necessary in some cases. Do not talk beyond what is required and share the details they need.

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#5 – Admitting fault

You should never admit fault after a motorcycle accident, even when you believe in your negligence. Words are often twisted out of context, and you may lose your chance to recover a settlement. Don’t say anything to the police officer, either.

#6 – Not hiring a lawyer

Most lawyers in Texas who practice personal injury law take up motorcycle accident claims on a contingency fee. You can expect the attorney to assess and give you an overview of the case for free. You need an expert so you don’t have to deal with the insurance adjuster alone. In some cases, lawyers may need to file a lawsuit and will take appropriate to protect client rights.

Call a motorcycle accident lawyer soon and insist on meeting them in person.


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