Common Injuries One Might Suffer While Driving Drunk


Driving can be an enjoyable experience for everyone as long as they do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Federal Law of the USA strictly prohibits drunk driving. However, if you ever get hit by a drunk driver, you can always seek justice through a trial. 

However, you would need a professional attorney to help you through the process and get the claim in time. Here are a few injuries that a car accident might cause. If you ever suffer from any of these due to the reckless driving of a drunken person, hire the professional layers immediately. 

Spinal Cord Injury

In some cases, people have suffered serious injuries in their spinal cord. Besides keeping your body erect, it also houses millions of thin fibers that constitute the nervous system. Without these fibers, communication between different body parts will cease to exist. 

This is why some spinal cord injuries render certain limbs dysfunctional. If you are a victim of a drunk and driven car accident, make sure to hire the best drunk-driving lawyer from reputed law firms like Ace Law Group

The professional can help you present your case in court more favorably and negotiate for your claim. Some injuries might require surgeries which can be a long and expensive treatment course. Therefore, the claim amount can be critical in these cases. 

Severe Brain Injury

People generally lose track of the speed limit when they drive under the influence of alcohol. As a result, they keep on accelerating the pace regardless of the road rules. When someone drives intoxicated, he/she might miss the traffic signals as well. Consequently, the car might smash into another larger vehicle at a turning or crossroad. 

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This is when the impact of such a massive collision inflicts a brain injury. This could be anything from skull fracture to brain tissue damage. Some victims of brain injury suffer from lifelong impairments like paralysis. 

No wonder drunk driving is a serious crime.  If you ever get caught driving drunk, you should contact a lawyer immediately to escape the long and hazardous legal process.   

Organ Damage

Car accidents generally involve the generation of huge impacts which, in turn, might cause organ injuries. Even if you are sober, you can always get hit by someone driving a car under alcohol influence. Unfortunately, these accidents can be fatal and induce internal organ injuries. 

If your pancreas, liver, or any other critical organ gets damaged in this accident, you should contact the best lawyer near you. This will help you choose the best doctor for the treatment as well. Lawyers often maintain rapport with doctors. Therefore, hiring a professional can be helpful in many ways. 

Limb Fracture

Sometimes, even after following the traffic rules rigidly, people might face accident-induced injuries. When driving on the road, your safety does not entirely depend on your level of caution. Someone else’s negligence can be a cause of your limb fracture at any time. 

In the case of drunken driving accidents, both parties get injured. If you accidentally end up having a fractured leg or arm after such an unfortunate encounter, make sure to look for the best lawyer. 

The benefits of hiring professional lawyers remain various. No matter your legal issues, try to hire a professional lawyer from a reputed law firm to deal with the situation effectively.

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