Everything You Need to Know Before Signing Up for a Bitcoin Course


Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency are like buzzwords that mean different things to different people. The trouble with trying to learn about these complex topics on the Internet is that thousands of self-proclaimed “Bitcoin experts,” “Bitcoin publications” and “Bitcoin courses” say contradictory things. How do you know which of these individuals even fully understand the technology they preach and teach about?

Beyond the controversies, technicalities and confusion, there still lies legitimate resources of information on where to learn about Bitcoin and blockchain. But before signing up for a blockchain or Bitcoin course, here are some things you need to know.

Your concept of Bitcoin and blockchain: trading or technology?

The more well-known aspect of Bitcoin is its underlying monetary token, and this is what most people view as its most lucrative aspect. Individuals play around the rise and fall of the price of Bitcoin as it allows them an opportunity to trade the tokens for profit.

Meanwhile, the other lesser-known aspect of Bitcoin is its blockchain. it is more than just the foundation of cryptocurrency, but a technological solution that addresses multiple real-life problems. Before singing up got a course, it is important to ask yourself which of the above scenarios describes your interest in Bitcoin and blockchain best? Understanding where your interest lies is key to enrolling in the best Bitcoin course for you.

Your motivation and goals for learning about Bitcoin 

Some people learn about Bitcoin to know more about where the world is headed with this new technological advancement. Others wish to become more knowledgeable in technical discussions during social events. Then, there are people who see a business opportunity with Bitcoin, whereas others wish to shift their career to a new path that they deem more beneficial in the future.

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Whatever your goals and motivations are, it is necessary to identify them because knowing the biggest “why” will help you choose the most suitable course and ensure that it will keep your interest throughout. 

How much time and mental energy can you dedicate to your course?

Gauging how much time and energy you can afford to dedicate to your blockchain or Bitcoin course is also important. Being realistic prevents you from feeling overwhelmed once the course begins. The goal should be finishing the course and maximizing learning, and quitting in the middle is just a waste of valuable time, energy and hard-earned money. 

What BSV Academy’s Bitcoin courses offer you

Bitcoin Association is a Switzerland-based global industry firm that works to advance businesses with the BSV blockchain, and the BSV Academy is the arm that is geared towards educating professionals, businesses and enthusiasts about the original Bitcoin. The academy offers academia-quality instruction and university-style courses and learning materials. 

It offers Bitcoin courses that splits into three streams: (1) Bitcoin Theory, (2) Bitcoin Development and (3) Bitcoin Infrastructure. Each branch offers three difficulties at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. With the completion of each course, participants will take an online assessment to test their understanding of the material, and a certification will be awarded to those who pass.

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