How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Graded And Diamond Cut Grades?


What Is The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds And Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds often referred to as lab created diamonds, but they different. Lab grown diamonds used in jewellery. while lab grown diamonds not necessarily intended for use in jewellery and may not even be diamonds at all in the traditional sense of the word. While lab grown diamonds considered an ethical alternative to mined diamonds. Because they don’t come from the earth, some claim that lab grown diamonds cheap imitations of true lab grown diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds, sometimes called lab-created diamonds, produced in a controlled environment by replicating Earth’s natural processes in a lab. Lab-grown diamonds different chemical compositions and structures than mined diamonds. They also fewer impurities and be more durable. Most of these synthetic or manmade gemstones created using high pressure, temperature and chemicals to form layers of diamond on an existing stone or on a seed that then cut into specific shapes. A few companies also use 3D printing technology to create stones from carbon powder that used as seeds for future cutting. Lab-grown diamonds often referred to as lab created, cultured or cultivated. These terms all refer to synthetic gems that were grown in a lab instead of being extracted from a mine. lab grown diamonds cost less than mined diamonds. Because they don’t require digging up expensive equipment and labour costs associated with mining operations. Lab grown diamonds also allow consumers who prefer certain cuts but not afford expensive natural stones to get what they want at lower prices.

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Lab-grown diamonds identical to natural diamonds in terms of appearance. They the same high level of fire, brilliance and lustre as their mined counterparts. Since lab grown diamonds  synthetic. they won’t show any inclusions or any type of crystalline structure. Although there a good possibility that you could identify a lab grown diamond from a natural one by its appearance alone, chances you wouldn’t be able to differentiate them without using specialized instruments. A recent study showed that 92% of participants couldn’t differentiate between synthetic and mined diamonds when placed side by side. This means if it looks like a diamond, shines like a diamond and sparkles like a diamond. it’s probably not fake! It also means that lab grown diamonds very much real diamonds. The 4 C’s: When comparing lab created vs. mined. you need to look at more than just price and appearance. The four C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat) will give you an idea of how well a diamond cut before being polished into its final shape.

Chemical Composition.

People often wonder how lab grown diamonds compare to natural diamonds in terms of chemical composition. While these two types of stones both made of carbon. they’re quite different. Lab created diamonds  a unique and rare atomic structure that unlike any found in nature. lab grown diamonds so different from natural ones that they never be confused with them. Even though they may look alike at first glance. With all due respect to their beauty, lab created diamonds simply not real diamonds. A man-made diamond will always its special characteristics. which why consumers need to understand what sets it apart from its natural counterpart. Most importantly, man-made diamonds not as durable as their natural counterparts because they contain fewer imperfections and impurities. Natural diamonds more likely to last a lifetime than man-made ones because their crystalline structure not as perfect or homogenous. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable than a real diamond, then lab grown ones might be right for you!

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Carat Weight.

Before getting into some of these differences, it important to note that not all lab grown diamonds created equal. Lab created diamonds often referred to as cultured or synthetic diamonds. These names refer to a process where diamond crystals form in a laboratory over some time (think months) and much larger than their mined counterparts. With mined diamonds, miners extract one diamond at a time from an underground area called a kimberlite pipe that small pockets of diamonds called pipes. In contrast, lab-grown stones not limited by pipe size—one crystal cut into multiple pieces with relative ease. This means you two different lab-grown stones (one mined and one created) with identical carat weights.

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