Is It True That Online Casinos Can Be Legit?


Sometimes online casinos might seem too good to be true. This makes it a common question if online casinos can be legit. There are ways to find if an online casino is real, especially if you are looking for the highest payout online casino in Canada. Let’s jump into everything you need to know to find out the legitimacy of an online casino. Also, learn about no deposit bonuses as you read. 

What is an Online Casino?

Online casinos, also called virtual or Internet casinos, are just traditional online versions of brick-and-mortar casinos. Casinos are places where people engage in a particular type of gambling and use the help of smart strategies for lowering the risks in online gambling. These are usually secondary services combined with hotels or resorts to get more footfall. Now, we take the virtual shifting of these games to an online level where gamblers would play and wager as the same in traditional casinos. These casinos offer a worldwide range of games by which players of different countries can play with each other based on their connected servers. The legitimacy, however, depends significantly on the casinos and the games chosen. Before playing any games of this sort, one should research properly as different countries have different regulations and requirements from the casinos. 

How has technology made these Online Casinos legitimate?

The market around these casinos has grown uncontrollably in the last decade, not only in revenue or market size but also in the quality of services they offer. You can watch the Superbowl now from anywhere and enjoy all the best 2022 commercials at the same time. In the current era, Internet security has also become a must when wagering money. In the past 20 years, the protection provided by these avenues has grown at par with most banks to the extent that they can manage anonymity and encryption at every level. Using a factor of different methods re-enforces the security of the whole place. These places can only make payments to registered players, and thus, even if a hacker gets into the system, no money can be taken out at any cost.

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Another attractive feature of these online casinos is that they have incorporated Livestreaming into their processes. As such, it helps make it an immersive experience for the players and the spectators. It allows the users to play the games at home with a live dealer anytime. This also eliminates the thought of an algorithm running behind a game, reducing its fairness. This way, players can access the real-time flavour of the same at home. They incorporate blockchain technology to ensure that every match exudes fairness and quality. To ensure this, they send hashes over. Hashes are a unique string of characters given to every transaction, after which verification is done, and they get added to the blockchain.

How can you play in these Online Casinos?

There are two types, web-based and download-based, which allow users to choose whatever suits them best. Web-based casinos host players who play the games without downloading them to their local computers. This requires the players to have a stable network connection to ensure that the graphics, sounds, and animation get through. On the other hand, download-based casinos need the players to download the software client on their local computers to play and wager on the games offered. This software connects the user to the casino server to ensure a seamless experience. These allow the game to run faster, but there exists a risk of malware getting on the PC. 

There are virtual games that work based on algorithms and a pseudorandom number generator software that ensures that every deal or movement on the card is random and unpredictable. This makes the game fair and unpredictable when applied and implemented correctly. However, the player would need to trust that the system hasn’t been rigged in any way, as the inner workings are invisible to the user.

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Another variety here is the live-streaming option. A dealer carries out the movement of the cards and decks at all times to eliminate any algorithm and software, which increases players’ confidence, thus allowing them to play freely. The casinos offer the live dealer option to those players who are not okay putting their wager with the software, which could be hacked, thus putting their data at risk.

How to Know the Legitimacy of These Online Casinos?

There are many ways to identify the legitimacy of these online casinos, some of which have been mentioned below:

  • Licensing and Certification

The licensing and certification of any casino mean that it is under regulation or a government body that has set strict laws regarding online gambling operations. Listing these two things makes the casinos fully transparent and legal. These are usually found at the bottom of the front page itself.

2. Longevity and Reputation

A casino that has been there for a long time would naturally be preferred as proper background checks would allow the players to check the casino’s reputation. Knowing the year of establishment and the owners’ name provides transparency as these things are not easy to find.

3. Certified Software Providers

Many auditing companies cover the process of auditing regularly to determine whether these games were fair or not. If the software passes the review, it is certified by the company, and also that these casinos go by the rules of the market they operate in.

4. Secure Deposits and Fast Pay-out’s

One of the top concerns is pay-outs and deposits because this involves their monetary safety and data. The legitimate ones provide safe payment methods and quick withdrawal options free of cost to the customers.

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5. Reliable 24/7 Customer Service

The casinos that have nothing to hide are always there for their customers, supporting them in every way possible via email, call, or chat with a casino representative.

6. Great Bonuses

Many casinos provide welcome bonuses, which is the most interesting one. No deposit bonuses are offered but reload, Crypto and slot bonuses are generally available.

Can You Earn Real Money in These Online Casinos?

Making money in these online casinos might sound luxurious and easy, but the reality is a bit different. It all comes down to selecting and having a clear idea about what you are doing. The opportunity is enormous, but one needs to know, understand, and filter out the ones trying to trick money from players. There are two ways one can win, luck or skill, where the latter gets developed with time and practice and is not perfect. On the other hand, the former is one where the host has the edge, and it just means that they are always able to earn back the money in the long run under thousands and thousands of rolls, spins, and deals.


Concluding, it is clear that there are a lot of factors that are needed to check before playing in any of these games. They have a probability of winning money and cannot be fully considered a losing endeavour, but it must be under conditions. There are legitimate casinos that provide complete transparency and are fair, which allow you to win money and have easy cash-out options.

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