Keisha Morris: All about Tupac’s Ex-Wife


Keisha Morris is an actress who belongs to the United States of America. She was born on 10 July 1974 and completed her education from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Keisha is well-known as a wife of famous late rapper Tupac Shakur. She gains fame from the movie The Bag Man that was released in the year 2005.

The journey from an actress to Tupac Shakur’s Wife 

Keisha Morris was just 20 years of old when she met with Tupac Shakur in the year 1994. As per the XXL Magazine reports, Keisha exposed that she first met with Tupac at a club named Capitol in New York. Their first meeting is just normal were they discussing regarding Pac’s several legal woes. After that, Tupac going to various clubs with the hope of bump into her and when they saw each other, Tupac invited here to visit his hotel room. At that moment, Keisha completely turned him down, but he was determined. Tupac shares his number with Keisha; in return, Keisha shared his house number as she didn’t have a cell phone at that time. From that point, this couple gave a start to their relationship and started talking.

 Well, the blossoming romance of these love birds starts to fall down, when Tupac Shakur was convicted for the 1st-degree sexual attack. He was spent around one and a half years to four and a half years in prison. After that, he claimed his innocence. After that, Tupac proposed Morris for marriage and they tied a knot of the wedding on 29 April 1995 while Tupac was imprisoned in the Clinton Correctional Facility, New York. In the meantime, Keisha faced high criticism of being the wife of a criminal who convicted of rape. After that, Tupac Shakur sent to jail for his sexual assault case. After that, this couple was void five months after Tupac released from prison in October 1995. This pair remains friends until the death of Tupac Shakur. 

Do Keisha and Tupac have a child?

When the pair got together, and Tupac Shakur said that he wanted kids that were totally shocking words for Keisha and their close friend Karen Lee. They notice the changes in Tupac because Keisha never heard him talking regarding children and marriage. Moreover, Tupac Shakur decided the name of their daughter “Star” and their son “Michelangelo”, after that, they tried for kids, but the addiction of weed that Tupac won’t give up affected the both. Well, Tupac Shakur had visions of future with Keisha Morris. 

Death Throes of Tupac Shakur 

Tupac Shakur was a well-known and popular American Actor and Rapper. He was born on 16 June 1971. This legendary rapper was well-known for its unique music style, and incredible songs like the only god can judge me, California love, dear mama and even many others. On 7 September 1996, Tupac Shakur was attended fight between his group and Crips alleged gang. Tupac and Knight have stopped their car at the red light at that time, and a car pulled beside them or shot the Tupac four times. The famous rapper, Tupac Shakur, was died on 13 September 1996 from internal bleeding. At the time of death, Tupac Shakur was in a relationship with Kidada Jones who is a daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones. Keisha only saw Tupac a few days before he was murdered. 

As per Keisha Morris statement, Tupac Shakur always called her when he was coming to New York and told her “you will always be my Mrs, Shakur”. Now, Keisha Morris, who is known as Mrs Shakur is a mother of two children who went to achieve her master’s degree. 

What Keisha Morris do today?

After the death of the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur and ex-husband of Keisha Morris, she completed her graduation degree from John Jay College in Criminal Justice. Now, she is pursuing her master’s degree and works to bring awareness to people regarding inequality and racism issues. Currently, she is a native of the Bronx and lives with her two children of her own. Well, Keisha Morris has not remarried after Tupac Shakur and signifies her endless love with the rapper. 

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