Legal Issues Related to Scarring and Disfigurement


It is the goal of California’s personal injury law to make the victim’s situation as non-existent as possible following an event. The benefits paid by the responsible party can make up for lost income, cover medical expenses, and improve the victim’s standard of living.

But, even if the person recovers nearly completely, a physical scar or mark may remain. Injured people who are left permanently disfigured can seek financial restitution, whether it takes the form of a scar or a lost limb. Learn more!

Varieties of Scars

Scars, whether emotional or physical, can follow a person throughout their entire life. Because of their unique mechanisms, their effects can vary. Recovering rewards for your disfigurement depends on your ability to distinguish between the various forms of scars and the treatment each requires.

Tissue overgrowth in scars; hypertrophic scars

Overproduction of collagen fibers during wound healing is the root cause of a hypertrophic scar. Itching and/or extreme sensitivity to touch could occur in this elevated region.

Scars that don’t heal properly (keloid scars)

Keloid scars result from an overabundance of scar tissue at the site of an injury. It is common for this type of scar to cause discomfort and necessitate subsequent scar revision surgery for removal.

Tightening Scars

The last scar kind is typically the most noticeable and ugly. When a considerable amount of skin is removed, a contracture scar forms. A scar is formed when the tissue around the injury contracts to make the skin tight. Scar tissue that is too tight might affect a person’s nervous system and muscles.

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Why do some people get scars and others don’t?

Scars and other forms of physical disfigurement are possible outcomes of any accident. If you’re going to get scarred, you might get them from something that really hurts. Here are some common types of accidents in California that result in scars and disfigurement.

Devastating fires or devastating blasts

  • Malfunctioning motorcycles
  • Vehicle mishaps
  • Animal attacks, specifically dog bites
  • Animals assail
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Pollution with harmful substances
  • Marine mishaps
  • Complications from a botched operation or negligent medical care
  • Road mishaps involving bicycles
  • Injuries to pedestrians
  • Poor quality goods
  • Cases of Unexpected Danger in the Workplace
  • Mishaps involving electrocution
  • Injuries sustained in the workplace

Scars are more common after accidents involving cuts or burns. Scarring is more likely to occur after injuries to deeper layers of skin or more substantial tissue than after fractures or blunt force.

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