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Prevent Distracted Road Trip Driving with These Tips

Prevent Distracted Road Trip Driving with These Tips

Road trips can provide hours of fun, but it’s easy to get distracted while driving for such a long time. Distracted driving killed over 2,800 people and injured 400,000 in 2018 alone, costing millions of dollars in funeral, medical, and repair expenses. Distracted driving is the most preventable cause of accidents; however, with a few simple changes to how people drive, we can reduce the number of distracted driving crashes to zero. Read on to learn how to prevent distracted driving on your next road trip.

Put Down the Phone

Texting, surfing the web or emailing can wait. Far too often, people think they can simply send off a couple of messages without getting distracted. In actuality, taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can have disastrous consequences. Instead, look to put your phone on Drive Mode or Do Not Disturb until your next stop. If you absolutely must text someone, pull over and park to have your conversation. Finally, remember that even hands-free technology can cause a distraction, and it’s best to have your conversation when parked. 

Talk to Your Kids

Kids are wonderful, little angels outside the car, but the moment they’re inside a vehicle—especially for a long time—they may sometimes act out. From screaming about a sibling touching their favorite toy to the quintessential, “Are we there yet,” driving with kids can easily become a stressful experience. To prevent your kids from distracting you, talk to them before you’re ever in the car and establish guidelines about expected behaviors. If fights do break out, pull over to settle arguments rather than attempting to referee behind the wheel.

Put Down the Food

An estimated 20% of all American meals get eaten in the car, and this practice can have disastrous consequences. While most people think they’re saving time by eating their fast-food goodies while driving, they are actually setting themselves up for the very real possibility of an accident. While drive-thru restaurants offer a convenient way to eat, drivers should look to eat while parking rather than downing their meal behind the wheel.

Get Plenty of Rest

Drowsy driving, especially during a long drive, is one of the biggest causes of distracted driving accidents. Whether drowsiness is caused by prescription medication, working a late shift before your trip or driving for too long of a stint, drivers need to ensure they’re well-rested before getting behind the wheel. If you begin to feel tired, pull over for a power nap or book a room for the night.

Distracted driving accidents can get reduced to zero when drivers take proper precautions. If you’ve been involved in a distracted driving accident and need a Colorado car accident attorney, contact them today.