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It’s likely that you won’t get many days of use from this device however, a whole day isn’t an issue at all. When it comes time to recharge, the lightning-fast 66W supercharging brick will remove you from dangerous territory. Although this P50 Pro is a phenomenal small camera however, it has some issues with image processing at times, especially in dark conditions. The night mode isn’t appropriate with this lens in a lot of scenarios to begin with. Within most situations, you’ll see more natural-looking photos by using fully automatic mode. 

If you use night mode, you’ll see a lot of bright hues in moderately dark environments and sometimes the pictures will appear unnatural. It was something I noticed on all three of the rear cameras of the phone at sunset or sunrise, and it’s evident that the phone cranks up the vibrance and saturation significantly higher than the other phones. For instance, the Google Pixel 6, for example, has colors that are much closer to what the eye actually experiences in the same setting. Software is the biggest flaw in many smartphones, such as the Huawei phone, particularly because the company was cut off from Google-certified Android. 

In the last year or so, Huawei in UAE has added more features, such as NFC payments as well as their personal Petal Maps solution. Although improvements have been made to build the Huawei ecosystem and make the gap less apparent however, the absence of the functionality of Google Mobile Services remains a significant problem. EMUI 12 is based on Android 11, so most Android apps will function just well. However, it’s a different experience to install and use a variety of commonly used apps and is more clunky than with a comparable Google Android phone. If an application isn’t listed in the Huawei Appealer system, then you’ll have to make use of Petal Search. Petal Search app to track it to its location.

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Apps downloaded from Petal are much easier than it was previously; however, the process of changing them is still much back-and-forth. Furthermore, since it’s not the Google Play Services underpinning Huawei’s version of Android the app’s functionality may not function all the time. For instance, Slack does exactly as it should but its notifications are based on Google’s Firebase system, which means they aren’t visible on a Huawei phone. 

Twitter notifications aren’t as useful on the Huawei device, probably due to the same issue. In the end, for people like me who depend heavily on Google services and applications that utilize things such as Firebase and Harmonious, the use of Harmonious and EMUI can be an issue. It’s hard to recommend this user experience to anyone with any type or Google influence in their lives. If you take a closer look, several unforgiving compromises are apparent although they’re not all the fault of Huawei, they do affect the worth of the phone. 

The lack of 5G connectivity is something that’s likely to be catching up to that of the P50 Pro in a couple of years, and cause it to seem outdated. And if you’re hoping for to see all the problems that result from the absence or lack of Google in Huawei smartphones to be addressed the good news is that advancements have been made in to build Huawei’s own ecosystem, however I’ve yet to experience the numerous Google advantages you can enjoy when you buy a smartphone like Pixel. 3.5 from 5 most significant issue, however is the cost.

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