Tarpaulins: An Essential Tool for Any Outdoorsman


A tarpaulin is a large sheet of strong, waterproof material, often made of plastic or canvas. Tarps are used in a variety of settings, both indoor and outdoor. They can be used as a groundsheet when camping, to protect equipment from the weather, as a temporary roof during construction work, or even as an emergency shelter in the event of flooding.

While tarps might not seem like the most exciting piece of kit, they are actually an essential item for any outdoorsman, whether you’re a hiker, camper, fisherman, or hunter.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 ways in which tarps can be used to make your time in the great outdoors more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe.

1. Camping:

One of the most common uses for tarps is as a groundsheet when camping. If you’ve ever set up a tent on a grassy field, you’ll know that it can be quite uncomfortable sleeping directly on the ground. A tarp will provide a layer of protection between you and the ground, making for a much more comfortable night’s sleep. It also has the added benefit of keeping your sleeping area clean and dry, which is especially important if you’re camping in an area where there is a lot of rain or mud.

2. Hiking:

Another popular use for tarps is as a makeshift shelter when hiking. If you’re caught out in the rain or need to take a break from the sun, a tarp can provide some much-needed shelter. Tarps are also useful for protecting your backpack and gear from the elements.

3. Fishing:

Tarps are also popular with fishermen, both for use as a groundsheet and for providing shelter from the sun or rain. They can also be used to store fish that have been caught, keeping them fresh until you’re ready to cook them.

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4. Hunting:

Hunters also make use of tarps, using them to transport game that has been shot or to provide camouflage when waiting for prey.

5. Construction:

Tarpaulin covers are commonly used in construction, both to protect equipment from the weather and as a temporary roof during building work.

6. Emergency situations:

In an emergency situation, a tarp can be used as a makeshift shelter to protect you from the elements. They can also be used to create a barrier to help prevent flooding.

7. Garden use:

Tarps are also popular in gardens, where they can be used to protect plants from the frost or as a temporary cover for a garden shed.

8. Caravanning:

If you’re a fan of caravanning, then you’ll know that tarps are essential for keeping your caravan clean and dry. They can also be used to provide additional shade or shelter.

9. Picnics:

Tarps are ideal for picnics, providing a clean and dry place to sit or lie down. They can also be used to protect food from insects or animals.

10. Beach trips:

Tarps are perfect for days out at the beach, providing a shady spot to relax or shelter from the sun. They can also be used to keep your belongings safe and dry, preventing sand from getting into them.

As you can see, there are many different uses for tarps. Whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, or working in construction, a tarp is an essential piece of kit that no outdoorsman should be without. So make sure you have one packed and ready to go the next time you head out into the great outdoors!

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What are tarps made of?

Tarps are typically made from a strong, waterproof material such as plastic or canvas.

How do you use a tarp?

There are many ways in which a tarp can be used. Common uses include as a groundsheet when camping, to protect equipment from the weather, or as an emergency shelter.

What are the benefits of using a tarp?

Some of the benefits of using a tarp include increased comfort when camping, protection from the weather, and the ability to create a makeshift shelter in an emergency situation.


Tarps are a versatile and essential piece of kit for anyone who spends time outdoors. Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting, or working in construction, a tarp can make your life much easier. So make sure you have one packed and ready to go the next time you head out into the great outdoors!

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