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What to Look for in Prospective Assisted Living Facilities

What to Look for in Prospective Assisted Living Facilities

Looking for the right assisted living facility can often be more than a little overwhelming—with so much to consider and not to mention having to take on board the view and opinions of the people around you.

In a concerted effort to make your search somewhat easier, here are some key features to look for in prospective assisted living facilities, which will help to whittle down your shortlist.

The Closer to Home the Better 

Perhaps an obvious first point, but just in case this has not occurred to you up until now, as a general rule, the closer the potential assisted living facility is to your current home and your friends and family, the better.

Primarily, this is due to the fact that the transition from your own home to a thriving and community-based assisted living Coral Gables facility will (even with the closet of social support networks) still be an adjustment and it is far better to be physically close to your loved ones.

Look At Reviews From Current Residents

By far the most accurate and real-time method of finding out what life and an average day in a potential assisted living facility is truly like is to speak to current residents and staff members when you take an introductory tour of the community.

However, another effective way is to read online reviews, left by both residents and also by loved ones of residents with first-hand accounts of everything from the transition to living there, to activities, to meal schedules, which should all be available for you to read and consider. 

Key Questions to Ask the Staff

When taking a tour of potential assisted living facilities, make sure that you allow enough time to speak to the staff and more specifically, get the answers to any particular questions you may have.

Just a selection of the most pertinent questions to ask include:

  • How many residents do you have on the site?
  • Are there security staff and/or medical professionals available 24/7?
  • Is there a residents’ committee or another way to ensure every voice is heard?
  • How does family and friends visiting hours work, or can they visit whenever they want to?
  • How do staff members cultivate a sense of togetherness and community?
  • What type of hobby groups and activities are available for residents?

Pay Close Attention to the Food

It may well be that you have opted to move into an independent living facility and will, therefore, often take care of your own lunches and evening meals. However, it is still strongly advisable to enquire about the food that will be available to you. 

Perhaps you have special dietary requirements which you need to ensure will always be catered for, or maybe there are other restrictions due to the medication you take or a certain health issue. Even if you can virtually eat anything at this point in time, asking staff to show you a sample of the meals they serve and checking that they can tailor meal plans to specific residents when necessary, is important.