What to Pack for a Desert Safari Trip – the Ultimate Guide


Understanding how to pack for a tour is not as simple as you might assume. Things will become more confusing if you intend an exciting trip. Because you need to organise everything from start to finish so that it fits into the safari backpacks. 

Whether this is your first travel or you are a regular commuter, laying out what items visitors must bring with themselves is helpful every time. Now let us look at what you must bring on safari.

Basic Dressing for the Desert Safari

Dressing for Dubai is a sensitive topic. The general dress code recommendation is to always dress modestly because you are visiting a Muslim country. 

Whilst also, you can find people wearing skirts or shorts which are unlike the country and its culture. Additionally, a Dubai Desert Safari introduces up an entire new range of styling confusions, 

Nevertheless, it is always best to dress modestly and be culturally sensitive. For a daytime or summer desert safari, take into account breathable fabrics that work well together with excessive sweating. 

For Instance, cotton, linen, and rayon. Acknowledge that whatever you’re wearing will work up a sweat even if you’re not a heavy sweater.

For a night-time or winter desert safari, since the temperature level drops dramatically, long jeans and a pullover or cardigan is suggested.

Dressing for Desert Safari Activities 

 A desert safari in dubai will most probably involve a wide range of activities ranging from relaxing to thrilling! Consider the following scenarios:

  1. Camel Riding: Camel riding is almost a requirement for your very first desert experience. Therefore, plan ahead of time how you’ll ride. It isn’t the most graceful of activities. Thus, choose shorts and trousers over skirts, as well as keep any loose items close at hand.
  2. Sand boarding: Sand boarding involves a great deal of sand in addition to the adrenaline rush of hitting the sands. Consider the practicality of appropriate full coverage shoes and where the sand will end up when you suddenly fall. Trousers are better than skirts or shorts.
  3. Quad Biking: These are usually extra desert activities. A few camps might well have stringent guidelines requiring only shoes which are made to wear. 
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While, a skirt is inappropriate when straddling something. Nevertheless, you’ll require an item to tie back your long locks, and sports apparel clothing is ideal.

4. Evening Dinner & Entertainment: The night-time camps will probably conclude with sitting arrangement where dinner served on carpets on the floor.

Consider how you’ll rest comfortably on the floor, as well as the night could end with some gentle music and dance. If you’ve previously part of such a desert sport, bring a fresh tee or something to freshen (antiperspirant) before you enjoy a meal.

Cultural Sensitive Dressing

When planning to visit the UAE, visitors should be culturally sensitive while also dressing appropriately for the climate.  Women are not required to wear full coverage in Dubai at all points of time. 

Shorts are not prohibited either. As a general rule, men and women must wear clothing that covers their shoulders as well as knees. Still, there is a little leniency in all this.

Other Personal Belongings to Pack

Finally, your excursion can most likely provide water and food. In spite of that, the following is suggested that you also bring: 

  1. If you are planning to travel during day, bring sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat. 
  2. Prior to actually eating in addition to after coming into contact with camels, use a sanitizer.
  3. Unless you’re traveling with kids, keep tissues and baby wipes. 
  4. In the height of summer, antiperspirant wipes or a sweat towel of some kind are a must. 
  5. Coating everyone’s legs in talc/beach powder prior to leaving may help to reduce some of the sand. Extra cash if you plan to engage in activities that isn’t part of your general trip. 
  6. A backup mobile/camera power bank – you’ll be looking to take a lot of pictures. 
  7. A sand-proof backpack in which to store every piece of this gear. 
  8. Consider leaving your jewellery along with other valuable items in the hotel safe – losing a favourite accessory in the sand will be almost impossible to locate afterwards.
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Overall, besides the above suggestions, one can wear whatever they feel like. However, rather than packing the entire list, these are some key tips to what to pack for the trip in Desert Safari: wear loose clothing made from cotton; woman should avoid short skirts.

Shorts up to knees are advised; avoid wearing tight clothes that show excessive skin; woman should wear sports bra; wear sports shoes; take a cap or scarf to protect your face during adventurous activities, and lastly, take a cardigan if visiting during winters.


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