4 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Your Summer Road Trip


One of the most popular ways to vacation in the summer is to plan a road trip. Road trips allow you to plan your itinerary, set the pace, choose interesting destinations and attractions to visit, and learn more about your surroundings. If you’re busy planning a summer road trip with the family this year there’s no doubt your focus is on the itinerary. However, it’s also important to think about the time spent in the car and how to keep the kids entertained. 

Long days on the road can mean a lot of complaining and boredom from the backseat. With that said, here are four ways to keep the kids entertained on your summer road trip.

Pack a Collection of Travel-Sized Board Games

Board games are always a great activity, but they aren’t always practical in the car. Cue the travel-sized versions of all the most popular games out there. Not only are these versions smaller, making them easy to pack, but they are often magnetized so you don’t have to worry about pieces slipping off the board and ending up lost in the car.

Some of the best kid-friendly travel-sized board games include:

  • Battleship
  • Connect Four
  • Magnetic chess
  • Magnetic checkers
  • Scrabble
  • Boggle
  • Snakes and Ladders

Because these games are travel-sized you’ll likely be able to fit them all in one bag, making transport organized and simple.

A Tablet Can Provide a Variety of Activities and Fun

If you’re looking to get bang for your buck, you’ll want to check out an affordable tablet for kids. Think of this as an all-in-one solution as it can be used for games, streaming movies and TV shows, as a camera, activities, and streaming music just to name a few. A tablet can keep the kids busy for hours, which can eat into a huge amount of time on the road.

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For parents that decide to purchase a tablet for the kids, be sure to also grab accessories such as headphones and a car charging device.

Coloring Books are Still a Thing

Sure, coloring books may sound like an old school activity, but the fact is that they can be very relaxing and enjoyable for kids of all ages. It’s commonplace for people like your child’s paediatrician using coloring books as a way to entertain and distract your child during appointments. Even if you have teenagers, you could pick up the adult coloring books that are more difficult with intricate pictures. Be sure to also pack a travel-sized tray or table that sits on their lap, making it easier to color. If you have young children still in a car seat, you can find trays that attach right to their seats.

Puzzle Books are Educational and Addictive

Here’s an activity that is as educational as it is addictive and that is puzzle books. This category includes things such as word searches, crosswords, Sudoku, logic puzzles, and brain teasers. Just be sure to pick ones that are meant for your child’s age group.

Keeping the kids happy and entertained means the time in the car will fly right by, making for a more enjoyable summer road trip. All it takes is a little planning so you’re prepared with the right activities in the car.

Originally posted 2022-09-19 15:52:13.

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