A Guide to Buying a Car as a Gift


There are many luxury gifts you can treat a loved one to, but one of the most popular choices is a brand-new car. These can be ideal presents for teenagers who have passed their driving tests or a partner whom you want to spoil for a special occasion like their birthday or your anniversary. As purchasing such an elaborate gift is a big investment, it’s important to carefully consider what the best option is to make sure the recipient gets the most out of it. Below are some details you should think about before buying someone a car as a gift.

What’s Your Budget?

Buying someone a car as a gift is incredibly generous, and everyone will have a particular budget to work with. Make sure you have thought about how much you are able and willing to spend before you start shopping. This way, you can stick to looking at vehicles that are in your price range and even look for the best deals you can find. You may also want to consider additional purchases like any car accessories and other expenses that could be attached to the final cost.

What Will be the Purpose of the Car?

You should also think about the person you are buying the car for and what they will be using this vehicle for. While flashy sports cars might be the ideal gift for some, others will prefer more understated cars that they can use every day. If they often use the car as a family vehicle, think about how the one you can buy them will fit this purpose. This will also be useful when you are looking at other features the car might have that can improve the driving experience.

Registering the Car

You will also need to make sure that the car is registered in the driver’s name, or is listed as a named driver on the insurance policy if you have decided to retain ownership of the vehicle. The latter may be a more suitable choice for those who are purchasing a car for the teenagers in their household. You need to make sure all of these details are correct and the paperwork has all been finalized for them to legally take the care out on the road.

Personalized Touches

If you were willing to spend a little bit extra to make this gift even more personal, there are some touches you could add to the car. One option could be a custom paint job in their favorite color, or you could look at getting a personalised plate with their initials or first or last name, or even your nickname for them. 


Finally, think about how you will have the car delivered to them, especially if you want it to be a surprise. You will need to take the car or have delivery organized by the dealership to be placed in the right driveway for the special occasion. 

If you want to treat someone special to a new car to celebrate an important occasion, consider the points above to help you get the most out of your purchase.

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