How to Check My BMW VIN Online?


Want to know everything about your BMW? Would you like a complete list of your car’s features and, in the case of a used BMW, how its previous owner kept it? Then, check BMW VIN to get such details as complete car specifications, including the head unit and software version. 

The seemingly random series of characters bolted on your BMW’s dashboard or door jamb may be more significant than you realize. Each of the 17 characters reveals precise details about your car, such as when and where it was manufactured or what features it has. However, finding the finest platform to get BMW VIN decoded is not easy. Therefore, we have brought you this guide where you get to know how you can check BMW VIN online using VinPit – one of the most popular VIN lookup tools in today’s market.

How to Check BMW VIN Online?

As mentioned above, each character in the VIN represents a certain type of detail about the car. Of course, you can manually decode it, but that would be a long and complex process. So instead of that, using an online platform that provides VIN lookup services would be better and easier. However, as there are plenty of such platforms on the internet, it is quite challenging to find a platform that offers the most comprehensive and detailed BMW vehicle history reports.   

To help you out, we examined several VIN decoders that are considered the best in their field. Out of these, we have found VinPit as the leading VIN lookup tool that performed well in almost every standard we set before beginning the examining process.  

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VinPit is a one-stop solution for all your BMW VIN needs. A VIN check in VinPit report is 100% accurate because they collaborate with hundreds of thousands of reliable sources from governmental records, automobile manufacturers, dealers, mechanics, insurance agencies, etc. 

Moreover, its free services make this VIN decoder stand out from its competitors. They charge no fees for providing comprehensive reports. In addition, if you need to purchase paid reports, you will find them placed at really affordable rates.

How to Use VinPit to Check BMW VIN?

VinPit dominates the VIN lookup services market not just because they are free and provide comprehensive reports. Although these are undoubtedly two of the most important factors behind that, these two are not alone. Another element that featured in most of the positive customer feedback was its easy and uncomplicated process to perform a VIN check. You just need to follow the three steps provided below, and you will be able to get a free and thorough BMW history report on VinPit:

Step 1: First of all, you must find VIN on your BMW to perform a VIN check. The best place to check for it is on the driver’s side dashboard, close to the bottom of the windshield.

Step 2: Go to VinPit’s homepage to access the VIN lookup tool. At the top dashboard, you can find the “VIN Decoder” option.  

Step 3: Enter your BMW’s VIN consisting of 17 characters and hit the search button adjacent to the search box. The platform will furnish a detailed report within minutes. 

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What Can You Use a BMW’s VIN for?

Knowing a BMW’s VIN can be a simple and reliable approach to learning more about the car and its history because every vehicle has a unique identification number. The following are some of the things you can learn about your BMW using a VIN check on VinPit:

To Check BMW’s Service History

It is typical to anticipate seeing a history of the repairs made to the car over time before purchasing a used BMW. The owner might be able to provide a stack of documents outlining each service, but it’s not unusual for these kinds of records to go missing. Fortunately, a computerized record of the work performed, including any parts replaced, and the car’s mileage is retained each time a vehicle is serviced by BMW technicians, which can be found using VIN.

Track New BMW Delivery

It’s wonderful to have a car created specifically for you, but the wait time is greater than buying something off the dealer’s lot. Your dealer should be able to provide you with the VIN of your future BMW before production even gets underway if you’ve placed an order for a brand-new vehicle with a BMW manufacturer. Then, you can follow your car from the factory to a nearby dealership using the VIN.

Finding Aftermarket Parts

Many retrofits or replacement BMW parts are made with a particular automobile in mind and rely on a factory configuration that may vary from vehicle to vehicle, even within the same model family. This is crucial regarding technology and software retrofits, which require your specific vehicle’s hardware to be adjusted for them to function.

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Tracking the Stolen Car

Users can find out whether or not the car has been reported stolen using a reliable VIN lookup. Therefore, a buyer should use VinPit’s services to look through the most recent stolen vehicle databases when deciding to buy a secondhand BMW.


We advise conducting a VIN check from VinPit on the used BMW you plan to purchase if you are in the US. Of course, this holds true for practically all car models, not just BMW. You should pay close attention to the mileage, the number of prior owners, and any potential documented damages in the vehicle history record. Salvage Title is frequently an issue, particularly with US imports. So, do look at that keenly. We have found that VinPit makes every effort to compile and present all accessible car data. So, you will not have to make much of an effort.


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