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Ariees is a famous American fashion fitness model and a social media influencer and personality. She is a star on Instagram and is well-known for her photos. She has more than 1 million Instagram followers.  Ariees has worked with many brands of Lingerie, bikinis and swimwear. Moreover, she has modelled for various covers of magazines.  

Ariees height is 5’6″ which is perfect for being a model. She is the brand ambassador and an official promoter of a fashion company named ‘Fashion Nova’. She gained much popularity by sharing her fashion content, adventurous photos, videos, modelling and travel on social media websites, especially on Instagram.  As a modelling star, she is perfect in her figure and has approx 62 kg weight. If you are her fan and want to know more details about her personal as well as professional life then you are at the right place. here you will get all that information related to Ariees that will be added to your existing data about her.  

Biography of Ariees from school to college to career

Ariees was born on Long Island in an affluent Christian family in the United States in 1992. She spent her upbringing days with her siblings and parents. She completed her graduation from West Forsyth High School in 2017. She was one of the top students in her school time. Due to achieving her goals in education, she shoots only on weekends and holidays.  She uncovered her interest in fashion while studying in high school and choose to make her career in this field. As a result, she started giving modelling auditions along with her studies. Her starting days were full of hard work and a lot of struggles. To meet her expenses for these auditions she worked various kinds of part-time jobs. 

For her higher studies then she moved to Boston University and was consistent in her studies. She chose microbiology and biochemistry as her major and business management as her minor subject. After completing her graduation Ariees moved to New York City where she initiated her model passion. Since, she exploded her portfolio and worked for companies such as Victoria’s Secret Pink, Klein underwear and forever 21. She landed her first major deal for Redken 5th Avenue NYC launch event. 

Lat her hard work paid her when she was signed by a famous modelling agency as a plus-size model. Finally, she gained popularity as a well-known fashion model. Working as a fashion replica she worked and posted for several brands of sports, skincare, makeup as well as healthcare. Ariees also worked for famous nutrition brands such as new Bottega, Chanel, Laviisa Rose and many others. In the coming days of their modelling career, she is going to be on the cover of many fashion style magazines and also of the stories of many lifestyle publications. 

Currently, Ariees is living in Atlanta, Georgia with her family. She loves her mother a lot and her mother also encourages her to achieve her dreams. Ariees mother always shows her unconditional love to her daughter and stands by her in difficult times. Her father also contributed to her success story by teaching her to become a robust and independent woman and always helps Ariees in making her complex decisions. 

If we talk about Ariees stamina and strength then she is a woman who wants to make her life with her judgment and does not want to rely on others’ opinions. At the age of 12, only Ariees moved to Georgia where she continues to live. She loves her parents because all time they hold up her hands no matter what she does or how far she goes in her time! 

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Ariees physical stats and body measurements!!!

Ariees is not only a social media influencer but also a business model and has worked for numerous brand promotions. Thus, it becomes her duty to be fit and fiddle in front of her fans. She already has a perfect body shape and skin, her hair always gives shiny look whenever she performs on the fashion stage. To keep this fitness she is a daily gym-goer and is working out for her slim waistline, gorgeous body and stunning appearance. Ariees never miss the chance to get the tips of fitness for a gorgeous and elegant look. Her this nature as a fitness freak and cute glance make everyone crazy about her. 

Ariees physical stats and body measurements!!!

Even though Ariees is fond of eating Italian and Mexican food still she sustains her health with great care. She does the utmost exercise for her fitness and also follows a proper diet plan.  She gets up early in the morning then at first she does a morning walk of half an hour. after that she does stretching and push-ups and pull-ups. Ariees goes to the gym on regular basis, if in any case, she misses then she works out at home. She is very particular about her health and body shape because she knows very well that her physical status is her precious wealth. Because of this fit body, she is getting popularity among her fans. If we talk about her body mass index then it is perfect which states clearly that Ariees has a respectable hale and hearty standard of living. 

Aries is working as a brand ambassador and a model which is why she is robust and in good physical shape. All thanks to her diet and workout. She has black eyes as well as velvety black hair. Her eyes are very attractive and huge. These all features are aids to her successful life. She has done a lot of hard work and now also she is continuously working for getting more and more success. This can be said that she is becoming all the rage because she deserves it. Her hard work is paying her. 

Ariees stories of Instagram and Twitter!!!

Along with being a renowned model, Ariees is also an influence in social media and has gardened millions of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, especially on Twitter. She is well-liked and admired by her fans when she shares audacious and travelling photos and fashion content as well. On Twitter, she is always active and tweets about lifestyle and fashion and is gaining popularity day by day. Moreover, she is also getting her net worth of around 4-5m USD from business-related ads, modelling, endorsement, brand promotions and many other business ventures. 

Now also most of the time she thinks about the development of a better social media influencer. She has worked hard to reach such a platform and is still id working for going further in her fashion career. Her content on social media depicts her creativity and affection for her followers. She has over 1M followers on Instagram and a massive list of admirers on other platforms. The list is being added and is getting bigger each passing day. Ariees’s Instagram reels are much more admired and accepted by her followers which gives more spirit to her to develop such content for all of the fans. 

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Lifestyle facts of Ariees!!!

Ariees is a non-vegetarian girl and does not like to smoke. She does not like to cook but rather she likes to eat Italian as her main course of the meal. She is fond of consuming alcohol. To maintain her figure, going to the gym is her regular activity. She does not practice Yoga but does all other fitness gym exercises. She also boosts her energy level by running and jogging as well. In addition to this, to shed excess weight Ariees also likes to do dancing as well. 

Although she is overloaded with fans on social media and she endorsed and still promotes several business brands, still she is not backing from her responsibility as a mother. Ariees is fulfilling all her duties of being a model as well as a committed mother. She takes good care of her daughter and spares ample time for her from her busy schedule. She always keeps on her toes in completing her life’s accountability. She decided to make her profession in fashion modelling and now she is on her way to achieving her dreams. 

Ariees parents and extended family!!!

Although Ariees has passed many years of her childhood with her siblings and parents, still she has not disclosed a lot about her parents and other family members. In case she shares any credible news about her family then it will surely be updated on the web. This is seen via photos that she loves and cares a lot for her daughter and mother. 

Furthermore, there is also not any authentic information about her husband and relationships. Moreover, she does not show any interest in messing up relationships. She only wants to concentrate on her ongoing and approaching modelling projects and spend quality time with her friends and family unit. However, she posts photos of her daughter named Sevyn from her past relationship. Sevyn has come in limelight on social media via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Few facts about Ariees that are not publically known!!!

Here you can see some unknown facts about an Instagram influencer and a fashion model star:

  • She flag down from the United States in the world of modelling. 
  • Italy, Canada, Maldives and Dubai are her favorite holiday destinations.
  • Ariees is an epicure of Italian and Mexican cuisines including seafood. 
  • She is fond of red, black, blue and yellow color and loves to wear these colors as well.
  • Her favorite clothing brands are Gucci, Prada and Versace. 
  • She loves photography and her posts of travelling and landscapes on Instagram are posted by herself.
  • She likes singing, dancing and modelling.
  • Ariees speaks English confidently and also speaks a little bit of the French language. 
  • Being an adventurous female Ariees is affectionate to horse riding, painting, swimming as well as cycling. 
  • Ariees has a pet dog and she cares for it a lot. This shows her fondness for animals. 

Ariees is working for big brands with her toned body and is getting enamours fame. It can be seen from the comments on her everyday posting that her fans are pouring lots of love into her performance. 

Highlights of Ariee’s career!!!

For fulfilling her expenses she worked on a small scale like she worked as a retail clerk at Hollister and earned only $12 for an hour working.  From this salary, she used to save half of the money to buy gear for her photo shoots, products for makeup and clothing for auditions.  At the beginning of her dreams, she wanted to become a professional photographer. She did not know at that time that she will be a future model and Instagram star. 

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In an interview, Ariees officially said that she wanted to work for fashion magazines as a photographer. She also mentioned that she was in love with makeup and fashionable clothes. Later on, in 2015 Ariees took interest in modelling and initiated her career in this field in early 2016. She started by joining a Model Mayhem website where professional photographers uncover their models and want to take proficient photos with them.

Ariees got success at a very early age because she decided on her career in her school days only. She started modelling at an age when most people just waste their time doing childish things and watching movies. In her early days, she also had a dream to become an actress and play a leading role in movies. She has not forgotten that dream till now and is stepping into this hoppy of acting. Since her childhood, she started uploading her photo shoots and regular photos on social media, especially on Instagram. This is unbelievable that only in a year did she get a huge number of followers. 

The number of followers is still mounting, for the reason that she is practising following her career from the core of her heart. She always takes and accepts new ideas and plans for making her best career in the modelling industry. After watching her work in commercial ads and photo shoots you can say that she is full of talent. All in all, it is the fact Ariees is counted as one of the endowed models and influencers in the United States. With her unending talent, she has won numerous awards and titles that have added to her life. 

At a standstill, Ariees has worked with several undersized and medium-sized local businesses to promote their brand. Along with this, she also has a massive appearance in many fashion publications and marketing projects. She has worked for almost all categories of brands such as clothing, beautification, electronic gadgets and many more business processes. Above and beyond a social media influencer, she is also a reputed model and blogger, and an impending striking Hollywood Actress. 

With her constant hard work, Ariees has received countless rewards, prizes and achievements in diverse classes such as fashion model, photographer, host of TV shows, social media influencer, and model of swimwear and lingerie. Officially she has given several interviews and has uploaded her all consultations and talking on her YouTube channel named Ariee0paul. She also uploads her conversations with prominent models and Pakistani personalities like Ali Safina at Lahore Fashion Week and Mariah Bashir at Karachi Design Week in the year 2017. She loves to share her working know-how with these screen idols on her YouTube channel.

Ariees is all-time active on her social media accounts. You can find links to her photos and videos on social media and can admire her work. If you are also a fan of this beautiful and bold actress and model and want to hire her for the promotion of your business, fashion shoots, and music videos then you are free to contact her. You can contact her via her social media account or email ID. 

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