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At the box office, the first picture was a financial triumph. While the film was not well received by reviewers, who compared it negatively to Indiana Jones and The Da Vinci Code, it was warmly welcomed by the general public, and it has since become a cult classic. The second film received less positive reviews than the first, with critics praising its use of similar storey techniques, plausibility, and pace. The picture was well-received by moviegoers and brought in a lot of money for The Walt Disney Company at the box office. There was a point when National Treasure 3 was officially rumored to not be occurring. If you still search for this on Google, you’ll find top stories suggesting that National Treasure 3 is nothing more than a rumor and that it won’t happen. It’s incredible how much we used to believe such news, and many of us were disappointed by what we heard. It’s never too late to renew a program, though. National Treasure was first revealed in 2004. The film was a significant milestone in Jon Turteltaub’s career since his directing was novel at the time. The film, which was written by Jim Kouf with the aid of the Wibberleys, was released in November 2004. People and reviewers gave the film mixed reviews when it first came out on the big screen, but it eventually became a smash. The film was immediately renewed, and the producers decided to develop a new sequel based on the plot, dubbed National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It took the filmmakers three years to create the next installment of the series, and when it ended, we began to hope for more. Even though it has been 17 years since we first saw National Treasure on screen, there have always been dedicated fans who demand another sequel. In this article, we’ll discuss National Treasure 3 and how movie sequels have evolved over time. Are you a National Treasure fan? Then this post would be ideal for you to read. We learned that National Treasure would not be returning in 2020, when the world was in peril and a worldwide epidemic was sweeping the globe. Previously, the creators teased the public with various interviews about the third installment of the film, and it appears that National Treasure 3 will be released sometime in the future. If someone still searches for National Treasure 3 on Google, they will come across thousands of stories claiming that the film has been officially cancelled and that there is no chance for a sequel. Official confirmation of National Treasure 3 was made earlier this year. The film series is bringing back the third installment of the popular adventure film, and fans are overjoyed. After so many years, you may finally experience the comfort of knowing what will happen in the forthcoming program and how everything will unfold. The sequel to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been confirmed. We all knew the series would be difficult for everyone after we lost our iconic hero Chadwick. It wasn’t until today that Marvel Entertainment announced the series’ renewal as homage to Chadwick. It would mean a lot to all Marvel fans to see the film, but we all miss our hero in some way. When it comes to the adventure drama film’s release date, the officials have yet to reveal the specific date. National Treasure 3 was just announced; however no official release date has been set. However, according to the source, the filmmakers have officially begin filming the picture later this year, so if the film is completed before the end of the year, we may be able to see it shortly .Disney is expected to release National Treasure 3 in 2022. We may see them soon, since the entertainment firm has a number of planned projects, the most notable of which is National Treasure 3. Save this page as a bookmark to check for movie updates on a regular basis. The film stars Nicolas Cage, one of the most well-known performers of his generation, and there is nothing more incredible than having Nicolas Cage plays the lead role. He is already a well-known Hollywood actor, and the stars have notably received some of the most prestigious prizes in recent years. When asked if he was comfortable with reprising his role in National Treasure 3 during the interview, he seemed to say yes. However, when reports about the cancellation of National Treasure 3 began to circulate on the internet, it was confirmed. We didn’t give it much thought. With the formal confirmation of National Treasure 3, I believe that all of the original cast members will return.

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  • As Benjamin Franklin Gates, Nicolas Cage would reprise his role. He is the film’s primary character and is interested in cryptology and treasure seeking. This is the central plot point of the film, and it even depicts her younger self, played by Hunter Gomez.
  • Ian Howe will be played by Sean Bean again. He used to be a buddy of Benjamin Gates’ and now works for him. He is an entrepreneur who is also a treasure hunter.
  • An old acquaintance of Benjamin Gates who is now an entrepreneur and treasure seeker.
  • Dr. Abigail Chase will be played by Diane Kruger again. Another crucial character in the film is the person who accompanied the main character on his travels.
  • Riley Poole will be played by Justin Bartha again. He is a well-liked character in the movies. His snarky demeanor piques the audience’s interest in learning more about him. He works for Benjamin’s association and is an IT specialist by trade. 
  • Thomas Gates’ son, Charles Carroll Gates, is an American businessman. On April 14, 1865, he saw his father’s murder and told his grandson, Patrick Gates, about it. He used this information to assist him locate a treasure. In the novel Forever Free, Charles is the main character, and he befriends a freed slave.
  • As Patrick Henry Gates, Jon Voight will reprise his role. Benjamin Gates’ father was a previous treasure hunter who was well-known in his time.
  • Benjamin Gates’ father and a previous treasure seeker.
  • Agent Peter Sadusky will be played by Harvey Keitel again. He’s an FBI Special Agent who works closely with the thief and the rest of the city’s illicit laborers.
  • Because the stars have just died away in 2021, Christopher Plummer will not be returning to the program. The creators have demonstrated their admiration for the stars. He was a part of the film series and used to act in it.
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In addition, the film series focuses on a number of additional people that serve as supporting characters. The movie’s third chapter may introduce new characters, and we’re curious to learn more about them. I believe we should wait until the filmmakers make an official comment about the film before making any decisions.

Is there a trailer for the film available?


National Treasure 3 does not have an official trailer. Because the film’s development has just recently begun, Disney will soon produce a good trailer to assist the viewers. We ask that you read our articles by visiting Honknews and obtain all the latest world news till a new official trailer is released.

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Jerry Bruckheimer said in May 2020 that a Disney+ exclusive streaming services television series is in the works. The programme will star a younger cast, with the pilot episode already penned and the rest of the episodes planned. 

The series received a 10-episode order from The Walt Disney Company in March 2021. Mira Nair will direct the project, which was co-written by Marianne and Cormac Wibberley. The series features Jess Morales, a Hispanic Latina-American protagonist character who is a 20-year-old DREAMER who embarks on an adventure to uncover the mystery of her family’s history and reclaim the buried treasure with the aid of her friends. The series’ co-writers also act as creators and executive producers, with Jerry Bruckheimer also serving as a producer.


Though a novelization of the first film, named National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets – The Junior Novel, was never released, a novelization of the second, titled National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets – The Junior Novel, was released on November 6, 2007.

Because of revisions made to the screenplay prior to and during production, parts of the tale in the book version deviate slightly from what was actually shot.


With the debut of a series of historical fiction novels authored by Catherine Hapka and published by Disney Press, the franchise grew even more. The Gates Family’s forebears are the focus of the series.


Benjamin “Ben” Franklin Gates comes from a long line of treasure seekers in his family. His grandpa tells him as a child about the legend of the Founding Fathers’ secret jewels. His grandpa informs him that the treasure was buried somewhere within the country, and that very cryptic clues were concealed throughout various places within the country’s borders by the men and women of American history.

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The Gates family is now again protecting their family name; some years after Benjamin “Ben” Franklin Gates discovered the Knights Templar national treasure and garnered fame and fortune via a self-imposed 1% finder’s fee. Mitch Wilkinson, a competing scavenger, alleges that a fragment of a missing page from John Wilkes Booth’s notebook has shown that a Gates family ancestor was a conspirator in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. The Gates family is at odds with Wilkinson, who claims that the notebook contains clues to the whereabouts of the Lost City of Gold. Ben, his ex-girlfriend Abigail, and his best buddy Riley (who has gone on to become a famous writer) traverse the world, escalating their plans in France, England, and Washington, D.C. The crew gathers clues along the road in order to reclaim the family name and prove his honor. Ben, on the other hand, must abduct the President in order to keep him safe from Wilkinson and to investigate the mystery in the famous President’s Secret Book.


Director and producer Jon Turteltaub announced in May 2008 that the film’s creative team will take their time crafting another National Treasure sequel.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced in September 2008 that a third picture is in the works, with a storey being developed in November. Bruckheimer said in May 2010 that the first draught of the script had been finished. During the development of the picture, Nicolas Cage said in May 2016 that it was still undergoing rewrites and fact-checking their historical correctness. Bruckheimer announced in September 2017 that a script had been written, but Disney was unhappy with the storey. Turtletaub stated again in July 2018 that a script was “near,” but that Disney was still not on board with the idea. A third film was officially in development in January 2020, following years of development hell, with Chris Bremner contracted to create a fresh storey.  Bruckheimer stated in May that the intention is for all of the original cast members from the previous films to reprise their roles.


Meteoritic for Rotten Tomatoes

National Treasure has a Cinema Score of 46 percent (179 reviews), 39 out of 100 (35 reviews) grade A

Book of Secrets is a national treasure.

36 percent (130 reviews) 48/100 (26 reviews) 36 percent (130 reviews) 36 percent (130 reviews) 36 percent (130 reviews) grade A

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